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Nordic Black Maple - Get the look with RenuKrete® engineered concrete flooring.

Nordic Black Maple hardwood floor design brings Scandinavian style to your basement.

Get the natural hardwood look of RenuKrete’s Engineered Concrete Flooring for your basement

The clean lines and innovative styling of Northern European interior design are the perfect match for RenuKrete’s proprietary engineered concrete flooring (ECF)

By artistically creating the appearance of natural staggered wood floor planks, ECF can turn any basement concrete floor into a showpiece that sets the stage for your entertainment room, guest quarters, playroom, home office and more. The darker shades of our Nordic Black Maple hardwood style provides a dramatic flooring option underfoot that your whole family will enjoy. 


ECF is not just another floor covering. In fact, using modernized time-tested techniques we sculpt the existing concrete slab in your basement to render a stunning wide plank hardwood floor design that stands up to everyday use as well as confounding moisture problems; such as plumbing leaks, ruptured hot water tanks, hurricane flooding, sewer backups and common humidity and dampness.  

Unlike hardwood floors and carpeting or tile in the basement that can warp or be destroyed by even the slightest water damage, ECF only requires a mop or wet vac to clean up after a basement water incident. Plus, because there is no subfloor, there’s never a chance that mold will develop underneath and require the total removal of the existing floor covering.

Choose RenuKrete for superior durability and long-lasting beauty when compared to: 

  • Linoleum 

  • Carpeting 

  • Ceramic tile 

  • Rubber tile and laminates 

  • Engineered wood

Black Maple Tile.jpg
Nordic Black Maple Plank Tile Format 6" x 24"

Designer-quality RenuKrete® basement flooring.

Our proprietary ECF process enables us to create natural looking wood grain patterns that capture the warmth of wood without being susceptible to normal everyday living, including scratching, scuffing, staining or denting when dropped upon.

Flooding? No worries. RenuKrete® doesn’t warp, change shape, lift or incur damage even in flooding conditions due to sump pump failure, hurricanes, power outages, or hot water heater and plumbing failures. If it gets wet, just take a mop or wet vac to your RenuKrete floor and it will look like new every time.

Floor to ceiling height loss? There is no subfloor with RenuKrete® as there is with tile, carpeting and most other floor coverings. Maintain your full vertical headspace in the basement. 


Hardwood style floors that are rugged, durable and low-maintenance.


Planning ahead? Your RenuKrete® basement floor can be drilled to allow easy installation of bottom plates for future walls, anchoring exercise equipment, or installing theater seating. Try that with ceramic tiles and other less forgiving flooring surfaces. 


Concerned about the environment? Resurfacing concrete slabs or decking with RenuKrete ECF uses significantly less energy when compared to pouring new concrete. 

Order Your Color Sample
Each sample is 6" x 6".

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No product

No product

No product

Samples are shipped with the chosen grout color. These samples are color samples only. Sample shipments are currently restricted to our core service area of New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY) and Pennsylvania (PA). Not to be used for scratch or abrasion resistance testing. Variations in colors, shades and pattern are possible and intended to enhance the authenticity of the final products' natural look. Samples ship within 1-2 weeks. Samples are not returnable or refundable.

Configuration and Size

1/3 staggered plank pattern for hardwood-style concrete basement floors by RenuKrete
  • All installations use the popular 1/3-staggered Plank Style
  • Each Tile Plank is 6" x 24"
  • Choose from any of our four available grout colors

Available Grout Colors

Grout Color Fonce for RenuKrete hardwood concrete basement floors
Grout Color Marrone for RenuKrete hardwood concrete basement floors
Grout Color Blonde for RenuKrete hardwood concrete basement floors
Grout Color Blanc for RenuKrete hardwood concrete basement floors

Check out our other wood colors and engineered wood grains to suit your design sensibilities, including:


You can have a beautiful home from the basement floor up!


See what RenuKrete’s incredible likeness to real wood planks can do for your home decorating in the basement. You will appreciate its beauty and low-maintenance qualities for years to come. 

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