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Commercial Concrete Floor Polishing


"RenuKrete created a functional and beautiful concrete floor for us!"

RenuKrete polished concrete floors are dust-free, low maintenance and attractive!


Used in warehouses, factories, hospitals, hotels, apartment buildings, garages and more, polished concrete floors are your first choice when you look for a dust-free, low maintenance and attractive concrete floor.


Plant managers, operations managers, architects and property owners all over New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA) an are choosing RenuKrete concrete polishing products because of our experience and our reputation for providing the highest quality products available. 

RenuKrete polished concrete floors are beautiful and practical due to their low maintenance requirements. What's more, they also reduce your costs associated with cleaning and maintaining the inside of your building. A polished concrete floor by RenuKrete is dust-free because it is a surface that locks the concrete into a protective guard coat. As long as you follow minimum maintenance recommendations, no amount of fork-lift traffic will create the dusty environment that you are used to from unfinished concrete floors.

​Concrete Floor Polishing for ...
  • Warehouse floors
  • Factory floors
  • Hospital floors
  • Apartment buildings
  • Commercial properties
  • Professional buildings & more!

"Our service center floor turned out spectacular! Thanks RenuKrete!"

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Our Concrete Floor Polishing Services include: 

  • Sheen grades from Matte to Satin and Gloss 

  • Finishing Grit up to 3000

  • Protective Coatings to enhance stain resistance

  • Colorization for additional visual effects like poshed marble or polished stone look

Polished concrete is very durable and attractive in both, home and business environments. As many buildings are built on concrete slabs, it is more economical to polish the concrete floor to a beautiful, high-luster shine than to cover it with tile or carpet.

The RenuKrete polishing process uses coarse diamond abrasives that grind the concrete in several steps. First, we eliminate minor pits, blemishes, stains, and other imperfections in the floor. Then, we polish the floor to a high-gloss finish.
Polished concrete is an extremely versatile flooring choice. It allows the property owner to choose the level of sheen, from satin to high gloss, depending on the level of reflectivity desired. Additionally, RenuKrete dyes can be added to create a unique appearance or even imitate the look of polished stone.
RenuKrete polished concrete floors do not require periodic stripping and re-application of floor finishes or wax. In fact, many polished concrete floors can last as long as ten years before needing any sort of restorative maintenance.

Have a project you need help with? For a free consultation  Call 800-406-5010 today!

Upgrade to an Engineered Concrete Floor (ECF) by RenuKrete​


RenuKrete has the unique ability to give your concrete slab the look and feel of tile, hardwood or even flagstones. Depending on the future use of your concrete floor, consider upgrading to an Engineered Concrete Floor (ECF) by RenuKrete! 

ECF flooring gives you:

  • the durability and low-maintenance of polished concrete

  • the look and feel of a high-end floor covering,

  • at reduced installation costs compare to floor coverings.

For more information about ECF, visit today, or call 800-406-5010!

ECF Gallery:

What is RenuKrete?


RenuKrete increases the values of multi-family, hospitality and residential properties by beautifying concrete floors in commercial and residential settings. Our proprietary and patent-pending Engineered Concrete Flooring products give dated concrete floors the look and feel of natural stone tile or ceramic tile, and turns them into warm and welcoming spaces.

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