Garage floor as art? Tile designs for epic epoxy-coated garage floors.

If you’re the type of person who takes great pride in the appearance of your automobile, to the point where you can’t walk away from it without wiping every little smudge from its shiny body, you’re probably jonesing for an epoxy-coated garage floor that showcases your ride in the most flattering way.

RenuKrete Epoxy Tiles in Garage Flooring NJ, NY, PA
RenuKrete Epoxy Tiles in Garage

A professionally installed epoxy floor can do that. But what if you wanted even more? Consider RenuKrete® Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF). RenuKrete® ECF takes epoxy floors to another level by combining the durability and ease of care of epoxy with the artful look of natural, custom tile floor designs in the color of your choice.

A RenuKrete® epoxy garage floor is truly a showstopper. As opposed to a flat, consistent epoxy finish that is beautiful in its own right, RenuKrete® ECF’s proprietary processes and patented technologies can take the design a step further by crafting epoxy floors into tile formations worthy of luxury car showroom.

All the benefits of epoxy with the style of tile.

If you’ve researched different ways to reclaim your garage floor from the dirt, stains and cracks that make it unattractive and hard to maintain, you’ve no doubt discovered that epoxy is the generally recognized best solution. Epoxy offers many benefits that can’t be matched by paint, concrete overlays, concrete stamping or other garage floor coverings that won’t withstand the dirt and traffic brought in by your cars, bikes, lawn equipment and other items you store in the garage.

Choose professionally installed epoxy garage floors for:

  • Safety – Don’t let the shine fool you. Epoxy floors are slip resistant. They’re also stain and fire resistant and super durable if you drop a heavy tool.

  • Long-lasting – Epoxy floors outlast other garage floor surface resurfacing products by years, particularly in a cold weather climate where road salts can be tracked into your garage.

  • Easy to clean – The smooth surface of an epoxy floor is easy to sweep and clean, and it resists chemical and fuel spills. Simply wipe up spills when they happen.

  • Beautifies your garage – An epoxy floor makes everything in the garage look better. When expertly crafted to look like tile, the appearance becomes stunning.

Don’t let your garage contents stop you from enjoying an epoxy floor.

Whether your garage is neatly kept or not so neat, perhaps the biggest obstacle to restoring it to better-than-new condition is the amount of gear and equipment you have stored in there. RenuKrete® has an answer for that too with a storage container that can be delivered to your driveway so that you can keep everything safe, secure and protected from the elements while your floor is being worked on.

Your garage floor will be off limits for up to five days while the surface is grinded, repaired, and then the epoxy coatings are applied. A container is a much better storage solution than a tarp which can be blown away and provides little protection against rain and the elements. Once the floor is completed we will return to remove the container from your driveway so that you can have the full measure of your driveway back.

Park your car on the garage floor it deserves.

Not only your automobile deserves a sparkling epoxy floor in the garage, but when you go to sell your home prospective buyers will also be captivated by the quality and beauty of a RenuKrete® ECF epoxy floor. Particularly if you elect to choose a tile design for a look that even the most discerning garage enthusiasts have probably never laid their eyes on.

Ready to roll in style? Call RenuKrete®.

When it comes to restoring concrete surfaces and floors to new beauty, RenuKrete®’s proprietary ECF stands apart in the industry. For garages, RenuKrete® applies the same technology to epoxy-coated floors that it uses to transform concrete pool decks, patios, walkways, commercial floors, basements and other concrete surfaces; restoring them to look like natural slate, tile and stone.

To request a meeting to discuss your garage floor and available style choices, call RenuKrete® at (800) 406-5010.