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NJ’s finished basements are not what they used to be.

To anyone who grew up in an older home built before the 1940s or 50s, and in particular even earlier from the late 19th Century, the basement wasn’t the kind of play space any kid would want to hang out in.

Frankly, it was the place where nightmares were spawned. Whether it was the low ceilings, the spider webs, the eternal flame of the Sci-Fi-like furnace or the dusty old coal bin, the older basement was no place for humans to relax and linger. (Unless your father liked a good cigar and it was too cold outside.)

It wasn’t until the 1970s that finished basements hit their stride, according to an article on That’s when bars and TV rooms were added in the basement and floor coverings became an option to the plain old concrete slab. Coincidentally, that’s also the time when floor coverings became an issue because burst frozen pipes and sewer line backups, for example, could make any installed floor surface unsalvageable.

Those damaged carpets, tiles, coverings and underlayments had to be removed to make way for a new floor, as well as to prevent mold from growing.

RenuKrete Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF): The biggest improvement in designer-quality, low-maintenance basement flooring in 50 years.

What seems like a bold statement is actually very true. RenuKrete® ECF may be the only basement flooring, other than a base concrete floor, that will not sustain damage from a flooding incident. Furthermore, ECF is innovative because its likeness to wide-plank hardwood floors can accommodate any interior design style you choose—from Mid-Century Modern to Traditional, Minimalist to Contemporary and every style beyond. With five hardwood styles to choose from, including red oak, Brazilian walnut, French pine, Carolina birchwood and Nordic black maple, there is something to appeal to every homeowner.

Basement flooring that cleans up easy when water is a problem.

RenuKrete® ECF provides homeowners with a low maintenance flooring solution that has the look and feel of natural, wide-plank hardwood floors. Using specialized equipment and technologies, as well as everyday tools and detailed craftsmanship, RenuKrete® ECF creates the appearance of natural staggered hardwood floor planks in your existing concrete floor. It can be artistically adapted to the conditions of the existing concrete and the decorative vision of the homeowner.

Flood damage? Put your Basement Blues behind you!

Give RenuKrete® a call and see if ECF is right for your home’s basement. To speak with a representative call (800) 406-5010.


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