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About us

New possibilities through research, technology and artistic creativity.

RenuKrete® is a technology development company in the concrete flooring industry. RenuKrete® transforms forlorn, damaged and drab residential and commercial concrete surfaces inside and out to a new level of beauty by employing innovative, proven and proprietary technologies. 

RenuKrete®’s patented processes and technologies turn concrete floor restorations into an art-form by masterfully combining principles of Old World craftsmanship with modern technology to breathe new life into concrete surfaces.


Founded and led by a German engineer with a background of applied technology in the construction and masonry industries, RenuKrete® today develops equipment, materials and processes unlike any other. Patented and proprietary technology includes laser guided equipment, Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Equipment, materials, processes, and final products are tested rigorously at the company's own production, test and training center in New Jersey.

Revealing the hidden beauty in concrete decks and floors with ECF.

As the originator of Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF), RenuKrete® increases commercial and residential property values by restoring the integrity of worn concrete decks and slabs and giving them the look and feel of natural flagstones, natural stone tile, ceramic tile, hardwood or similar materials. 

The uniqueness of RenuKrete®’s technology is captured in the way ECF transforms the state of horizontal concrete surfaces into forms that are similar in appearance to other materials while exhibiting similar or improved performance characteristics. 


In addition to uncovering the beauty of concrete swimming pool decks, hallways, offices, lobbies, basements and more, RenuKrete® provides sensible and long-lasting concrete flooring solutions in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and retail spaces. 


Less carbon impact compared to concrete demolition, overlays and other floor coverings.

Understanding that demolition or covering of concrete surfaces can release a high output of carbon into the atmosphere, RenuKrete® instead utilizes existing concrete slabs and restores their surfaces to an artful, pristine beauty that they never had before. ECF is more environmentally friendly because there is no need to break apart the old concrete slabs, remove the debris via front loaders and trucks, and then deliver and pour new concrete. 

The carbon savings are also greater when compared to covering up the existing concrete with manufactured overlays and expensive building materials. Unlike other concrete restoration processes and products, the entire new RenuKrete® surface is crafted from the existing deck, floor or slab so there’s no further pouring required.

Committed to the success of all stakeholders.


Guided by the founder's commitment to the success of employees, customers, vendor partners, shareholders and the community, RenuKrete® pursues a company culture that supports diversity, equality and competitiveness. Under the headline "Better Concrete Floors - Inside and Out," the company combines its vision of continuous improvement in field applications, expertise and internal performance to ensure a prosper future for its stakeholders.

To inquire about RenuKrete® franchising opportunities in selected states, click here.

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