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RenuKrete Walkways - Concrete that looks and feels like Flagstone

Better than cleaning: RenuKrete® resurfaces NJ concrete walkways to new beauty.

Concrete provides a durable, long-lasting surface for walkways from the curb to the front door and all around the house. As concrete walkways age, tree sap and leaf stains, nicks and scratches from lawn equipment and snowblowers, as well as other stains, and mold and mildew, can scar the surface making it unsightly and unworthy of a suitable approach to your beautiful home.

RenuKrete® can restore your existing concrete walkway into a flagstone showpiece.

RenuKrete®’s Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) turns concrete surfaces such as walkways and pool decks into beautiful walkways and sidewalks that have the appearance of natural stone. By utilizing proprietary processes and patented technology, RenuKrete®’s (ECF) can transition your forlorn concrete walkways into a revitalized concrete surface that is stunningly beautiful and restored to like-new condition.

Imagine the improved curb appeal of your home when guests arrive!

RenuKrete® applies the same technology and processes that we use to beautify concrete pool decks, now made available to homeowners and businesses who don’t want the dust and damage to their landscaping that demolition and replacement would involve. Where concrete walkways are showing their age with cracks and other damage, RenuKrete® removes the bland appearance and reestablishes the integrity of the concrete to reveal a stunning new designed surface that looks just like flagstone or slate. Go from gray and boring to real stone colors and natural formations that add value to your home and bring new life to your curb appeal.

Everything about your walkway that you first enjoyed when it was freshly poured remains: the durability, ease of care, and four-season ruggedness. However, now with RenuKrete®, you’ll have a brand new appearance that’s professionally sealed and will last years and years to come. RenuKrete® revitalizes concrete walkways of every length and style.

  • Residential and Commercial installations

  • Stepped or multi-level

  • Winding ways

  • Circular

  • Patios

  • Garden pathways

  • Bordered

  • Front and back walkways

  • Expansion joints, with or without.

Better than cleaning: RenuKrete® resurfaces NJ concrete walkways to new beauty.


Before you try cleaning your concrete walkway, consider why using RenuKrete® is a better idea. When concrete walkways become filthy, stained and cracked, over time dirt, grime, and deep-seated mold and mildew can infiltrate the pores in the concrete and leave behind stains that are tough to get out.

You can try store-bought concrete detergents and then get on your hands and knees with a scrub brush (and a lot of elbow grease) to try and clean the surface. That’s back-breaking work. Another option is to use a pressure washer and detergent to get out stubborn dirt and some surface stains, but that won’t eliminate deeper blemishes. And, finally, muriatic acid will do a formidable job removing deep stains but there’s one big drawback…it’s acid, and dangerous to work with if you don’t take the proper precautions.

A better option is to call RenuKrete® and have us provide you with an estimate as well as a description of how we can turn your walkway into a brand new concrete surface, with the designer look and appeal of natural flagstone and slate.

Is your concrete walkway in need of repair or restoration? Call RenuKrete®.

Let us come to your home or office and we can discuss the condition of your walkway(s) and how RenuKrete® can help. Call 800-406-5010 and a project coordinator will be happy to advise you on your options.

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