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Professional garage floor restoration with epoxy works best for NJ homeowners !

Garage floor concrete slabs take a lot of abuse. Over time the floor in the garage can become rutted, marked with fuel or fluid spills, tire marks, cracks, efflorescence and ground in dirt. No matter how hard you sweep or scrub, most of these blemishes are nearly impossible to remove permanently without hiring a garage floor restoration company to apply a professional epoxy finish.

RenuKrete Epoxy Garage Floor

That’s because, if you want a garage floor that’s restored to look like new and that will stand the test of time, epoxy is the way to go. Products like cement floor paint, overlays and other coverage techniques will not provide the result you’re looking for. These products can quickly give way to the road salts and moisture that your cars bring into the garage. For the best results, the floor needs to be professionally grinded to open up the pores in the concrete so that a professional epoxy surface treatment and finishing can be applied, allowing your garage floor to achieve a new, long-lasting beauty.

If you’re like most people and do your preliminary research online, you might be led to believe that there are a lot of covering options available that promise to be great looking and inexpensive. They might be, but for a very short time. For example, some of the products promoted by a popular home improvement celebrity include:

  • Peel-and-stick tiles

  • Vinyl roll-out

  • Paint

  • Interlocking tiles

  • Concrete overlays

  • DIY epoxy treatments

  • Stains, and other cosmetic treatments.

The problem with these solutions is that they don’t restore the integrity of the concrete slab. They won’t stand up well to the stress of heavy vehicles pulling in and out of the garage every day. Nor will they succeed wherever the weather and temperature fluctuations are not perfect, such as in New Jersey and the rest of the Northeast U.S. And furthermore, when it comes to epoxy, if you’re not experienced working with the substance you risk spending a ton of hours for a result that can fall far short of what you’ve seen online.

Epoxy provides a superior finish for garage floor resurfacing.

An epoxy application is the clear winner when it comes to selecting the best option for your garage floor restoration. Epoxy is:

  • Supremely durable – Outlasts other garage floor surface restorations by years, in any climate.

  • Resists chemical and fuel spills – Wipe up spills without leaving a stain behind.

  • Safer – Epoxy floors are slip resistant, fire resistant, and drop resistant.

  • Increases home value – A sparkling garage floor adds value to your home and says a lot about you.

  • Backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

As the homeowner, you might be tempted to go the DIY route based on the various testimonials and tutorials you’ve viewed. There’s no doubt you’ll save money. However, there’s also no question that you won’t be able to come close to matching the finish a professional will achieve. The reasons are pretty simple.

A professional garage floor restoration company:

Will make repairs to the garage floor and restore the base to its original integrity.

Will use professional grinders to open up the pores in the concrete to integrate the epoxy more systemically.

Knows from experience how to work with epoxy and choose colors and apply design accents.

Will achieve a showroom-quality finish that is otherwise unattainable.

RenuKrete® turns professional garage floor restoration into an art.

You might think there’s nothing artful about restoring a garage floor, particularly when you search for garage floor resurfacing companies in your area and discover they pretty much all do the same thing. Even so, keep in mind that companies that install overlays and other cosmetic treatments will never achieve a long-lasting, durable end product. If their process doesn’t include grinding the garage floor surface to begin anew with a fresh concrete surface, you should probably look for another alternative.

But upon selecting a resurfacing company, what are your design options beyond the standard color chips that get sprinkled into the wet epoxy?

RenuKrete’s proprietary technology gives you options, including a tile look.

RenuKrete® Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) is a big step above the typical professional concrete resurfacing process because the company can apply its technology to achieve great-looking concrete floors just like it does for concrete pool decks, residential and office walkways, commercial lobbies, basement family rooms and offices, and more. This includes creating a natural tile look for garage floors.

If a homeowner decides they want a floor that stands out from all the rest, RenuKrete® has the know-how and technology to go the extra mile. A restored RenuKrete® epoxy concrete garage floor will not only stand up to the dirt, grime and spills that can mark a garage floor, but they can create a look that is aesthetically beautiful and totally unique.

Using proprietary, patented equipment and technology, RenuKrete® can turn a garage floor into a surface that will leave guests and future home buyers admiring its beauty. No matter how unsightly an existing concrete garage floor may look—with stains, cracks and other imperfections—RenuKrete® can make it beautiful to the eye yet still competitively priced compared to other garage floor restoration companies.

Furthermore, RenuKrete can provide a convenient storage container in your driveway so you can easily store your tools, yard equipment, sporting goods, bicycles, kayaks and other gear that needs to be taken out while the floor is being worked on. It’s a great alternative to covering your equipment with unsightly tarps and plastic drop cloths that can blow over when it’s windy outside.

Contact RenuKrete® to learn more.

Before proceeding with a garage floor restoration, it’s worth contacting RenuKrete® to find out how the company will approach your project and how your vision can be achieved. To request a meeting to discuss an estimate, call RenuKrete® at (800) 406-5010.

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