Professional garage floor restoration with epoxy works best for NJ homeowners !

Garage floor concrete slabs take a lot of abuse. Over time the floor in the garage can become rutted, marked with fuel or fluid spills, tire marks, cracks, efflorescence and ground in dirt. No matter how hard you sweep or scrub, most of these blemishes are nearly impossible to remove permanently without hiring a garage floor restoration company to apply a professional epoxy finish.

RenuKrete Epoxy Garage Floor

That’s because, if you want a garage floor that’s restored to look like new and that will stand the test of time, epoxy is the way to go. Products like cement floor paint, overlays and other coverage techniques will not provide the result you’re looking for. These products can quickly give way to the road salts and moisture that your cars bring into the garage. For the best results, the floor needs to be professionally grinded to open up the pores in the concrete so that a professional epoxy surface treatment and finishing can be applied, allowing your garage floor to achieve a new, long-lasting beauty.

If you’re like most people and do your preliminary research online, you might be led to believe that there are a lot of covering options available that promise to be great looking and inexpensive. They might be, but for a very short time. For example, some of the products promoted by a popular home improvement celebrity include:

  • Peel-and-stick tiles

  • Vinyl roll-out

  • Paint

  • Interlocking tiles

  • Concrete overlays

  • DIY epoxy treatments

  • Stains, and other cosmetic treatments.

The problem with these solutions is that they don’t restore the integrity of the concrete slab. They won’t stand up well to the stress of heavy vehicles pulling in and out of the garage every day. Nor will they succeed wherever the weather and temperature fluctuations are not perfect, such as in New Jersey and the rest of the Northeast U.S. And furthermore, when it comes to epoxy, if you’re not experienced working with the substance you risk spending a ton of hours for a result that can fall far short of what you’ve seen online.

Epoxy provides a superior finish for garage floor resurfacing.