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Hospitality and Multi-Family Concrete Pool Decks – Restored to New Beauty

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RenuKrete® adds years of life to pool decks for apartments, hotels, condos and more!

A worn, cracked, possibly dangerous and dirty concrete pool deck is a huge turn-off when you’re trying to show or market your property to long- and short-term residents, and guests.

If you’re managing hotels, condominium or townhouse complexes, apartment buildings or any other multi-family residential property, an indoor or outdoor swimming pool that is surrounded by a beautiful pool deck that is in tip-top shape is a magnet for tenants. If yours is lacking in this regard, it’s time to call RenuKrete®.  


New England Real Estate Journal selects RenuKrete as Product of the Month

Did you know that RenuKrete was named Product of the Month by the New England Real Estate Journal? You can read the whole story here.

RenuKrete® turns your property’s forlorn concrete pool deck into a spotless, resort-style showpiece.

"We were looking for five years for a solution to our pool deck problems. The cold weather poses unique challenges and only RenuKrete is able to take them on with a product that lasts and looks beautiful. Our tenants love the result and we do too."

Whether you’re showered with complaints and poor reviews from residents who’d like a pool deck they feel safe on, or it’s simply time to resurface your pool deck during a renovation, re-flagging or conversion project, RenuKrete® offers the perfect solution to turn your concrete pool deck or patio from "old, gray and boring" to "warm, wonderful and inviting." RenuKrete® is:


  • Cost Effective – Property managers love RenuKrete® because it transforms commercial concrete decks without the removal of the existing deck and without stamping or overlays. It’s the perfect solution for property improvement plans or short-notice upgrades where cost reduction is a goal.

  • Beautiful – RenuKrete®’s Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) sculptural process turns your existing deck into a beautiful surface that looks just like natural flagstone or slate tile. Even existing cracks and seams disappear.

  • Durable – Because RenuKrete® is not an overlay or stamped, but rather is crafted from your existing concrete deck, it far outlasts common resurfacing processes by years. Plus, it can easily be touched up as the years pass.


Our teams work closely with owners, property managers, designers and architects of commercial properties to turn your vision into reality.

RenuKrete® vs. the alternatives – There is no comparison!

Still not convinced RenuKrete® ECF is the most attractive and most durable concrete deck restoration technology available? Check out how it stacks up against these common alternatives.  


  • RenuKrete® does not change the surface height or slope orientation of pool decks. If needed, proper sloping can be created prior to a RenuKrete® installation.

  • RenuKrete® cleans easily.

  • RenuKrete® does not create a surface that is hot to the touch.

  • RenuKrete® is not permeable.

  • RenuKrete® project teams are insured, licensed and have undergone background checks.


RenuKrete® meets or exceeds the Brand Standards of these flags and others:

  • Hampton Inn

  • Hilton

  • Hilton Garden Inn

  • Homewood Suite

  • Conrad International

  • Waldorf Astoria

  • H2 Suites

  • Among many others … Call us to find out how we stack up against your flag’s standards!

Improve the marketability of your hotel or multi-dwelling properties! Contact RenuKrete® today.


When you restore your property’s downtrodden pool deck you’ll not only increase the value of your property offering, your residents, guests and tenants will appreciate the care you’ve shown for their comfort and happiness. RenuKrete® is proof that you can have a concrete pool deck to be proud of while keeping to your budget.


To discuss your project today, call RenuKrete® at 800-406-5010

Even though ASTM C1028-07 (Standard Test Method for Determining the Static Coefficient of Friction of Ceramic Tile and Other Like Surfaces by the Horizontal Dynamometer Pull-Meter Method) was withdrawn by ASTM in 2014 and is therefore no longer valid, RenuKrete® complies with the requirements of this standard that were in effect before it was withdrawn.



When deciding about your pool deck or patio renovation project, consider these RenuKrete advantages over alternative products.

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