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Better Concrete Floors for Apartments, Offices and Retail Stores


RenuKrete floors withstand accidenal basement flooding

Water Proof

RenuKrete® doesn’t warp, change shape, lift or incur damage in wet conditions. Cleaning is easy with mop or vacuum.

RenuKrete floors maximize th ceiling height in the basement


Just like a polished concrete surface, RenuKrete ECF is extremely durable and ready to take on the toughest commercial foot traffic.

RenuKrete floors can b drilled n the future.

Future Proof​

Your RenuKrete® floor can be drilled if you want to install pews or walls in the future.

How to Upgrade your Concrete Floor to the Look of Tile, Flagstone or Hardwood - For Less

With RenuKrete ®, you can turn your concrete floor into a unique piece of art that is practical, wonderful and cost effective. If you have a concrete floor in your commercial or residential property, RenuKrete's Engineered Concrete Floors allow you to avoid the mess and high costs of covering it up with costly materials. Instead, our RenuKrete artisans work with you to develop a vision for your property, using one of the strongest and most durable building materials: the concrete floor you already have!

Usable in office buildings, multi-family properties, medical buildings, retail space, large single-family homes and more: RenuKrete ® makes concrete floors look like tile - for less!

Choose from existing styles like Tuscany, Natural Concrete, or Hellgrau, or create your own! Then watch how our artisans use our proprietary and patent-pending processes and equipment to create a stunning result that can fit any budget.

A New Look and Feel for your Concrete Floor

RenuKrete ® is the originator and leader in Engineered Concrete Flooring. Headquartered in New Jersey and with locations in Long Island and Massachusetts, RenuKrete is positioned to serve your needs in the Northeast and beyond.

Do you have a new or old concrete floor that you would want to upgrade to the look of tiles? Want to know if your concrete floor is suitable for a RenuKrete Engineered Concrete Floor installation? Call 800-406-5010 today!



What is RenuKrete?


RenuKrete increases the values of multi-family, hospitality and residential properties by beautifying concrete floors in commercial and residential settings. Our proprietary and patent-pending Engineered Concrete Flooring products give dated concrete floors the look and feel of natural stone tile or ceramic tile, and turns them into warm and welcoming spaces.

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