Tiles and carpeting in the basement don’t compare to RenuKrete® flagstone slate.

For the homeowner and interior designer seeking something more imaginative and distinctive for the floor of a finished basement or other concrete floor, consider the natural warmth of flagstone slate flooring. RenuKrete® Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) can create the beauty underfoot of an Aix-en-Provence farmhouse with flagstone style formations crafted from the existing concrete slab.

RenuKrete Flagstone Tuscany in Basement setting

Common concrete floor coverings such as tile, carpeting, vinyl and others are no match for the durability and longevity of a RenuKrete® floor. Unlike these other floor coverings, a RenuKrete® flagstone slate floor can handle anything a basement can throw at it: burst frozen pipes, sewage backups, flooding, humidity and leaks, for starters. Where other floor coverings and subfloors would have to be ripped up and disposed of, RenuKrete® can be cleaned with a wet vac and mop and look good as new, far outlasting other floor coverings of lesser quality.

Modern technology applied to basement flooring installations.

RenuKrete® ECF is unlike any other basement flooring option that’s available. Using patented and patent-pending equipment and technologies, RenuKrete® transforms basement concrete slabs into colors and shapes that mirror real European stone tiles and quarried slabs. The end result is a basement floor that has all of the beauty of a natural stone installation yet can accommodate drilling to secure bottom plates for walls, exercise equipment and more without cracking, chipping or splintering.

If you’re working with an architect to add on to your home and you’re expanding the basement to support the rooms above, there’s no better time to make your new basement space more comfortable than by adding radiant heat beneath the new floor. Whether your ultimate aim is to allow more space for the kids to play, set up a home office or recording studio, or create a man or woman cave that your friends will envy, the radiant warmth conducted by a RenuKrete® ECF flagstone installation can keep you toasty all winter long.

Low maintenance living makes RenuKrete® an easy choice.

Life can be filled with minor disappointments. In particular, who wants to spend thousands of dollars on new carpeting in the basement when all it takes is one careless adult (or child) to spill something that stains the new carpet? You can always move the furniture to cover it, but once it happens you know it’s only a matter of time before it happens again.

With RenuKrete®, you can spill whatever beverage you want on the floor and clean-up is just a mop or a couple of paper towels away. Because your flagstone floor is crafted from the existing concrete slab, there’s little that can happen to damage the floor, outside of taking a sledgehammer to it.