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Engineered Concrete Flooring for Houses of Worship – Economical, Durable, Beautiful by RenuKrete!

Nonprofit capital campaigns, such as those for houses of worship in need of improvements and renovations, require a sharpened pencil to make sure that every dollar raised is put to good use with no waste and excellent results the entire congregation can be proud of.

One of RenuKrete’s higher callings is bringing economy and beauty to concrete flooring surfaces in churches, synagogues, mosques and temples through our engineered concrete flooring (ECF) technology. ECF essentially creates sculpted natural stone formations from the new or existing concrete slab, eliminating the need for other floor coverings such as carpeting, wood, tile and stone, saving dollars per square foot from flooring installation costs.

RenuKrete’s proprietary ECF is an ideal solution for places of worship where traffic can be heavy, wetness and weather often get traipsed inside to dirty the floor, and flexibility is needed to allow for seating to be drilled into the flooring without damaging expensive surfaces such as tile.

RenuKrete makes the decision easier for campaign committees and project estimators by eliminating other floor coverings altogether and replacing them with a flooring solution that is designer-quality and more cost effective.

Church with RenuKrete Warm Chalet flooring, 24" x 24"

What seems miraculous is merely engineering.

RenuKrete makes poured concrete look like tile, slate, flagstone, and more.

RenuKrete’s patented ECF technology utilizes our own tools and machinery to sculpt and tint concrete slabs to render new formations that are made to look just like natural stone, such as in the accompanying images which feature RenuKrete’s “Warm Chalet” design. Anywhere there is a bare concrete floor either newly poured or already existing, RenuKrete can apply its patented technology to that concrete slab to make it into a stunning showpiece that congregants will think is natural stone.

Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) is the ideal solution for every floor in your worship complex:

  • Main worship spaces

  • Activity centers

  • School hallways and basements

  • Common areas

  • Outdoor flooring and walkways

  • Entry ways

  • Auditoriums

  • Kitchens and more.

RenuKrete uncovers concrete’s versatility in amazing ways.

Concrete floors offer many benefits including better fire ratings, strength, low maintenance and excellent durability. Horizontal concrete installations are typically used in slab installations of many houses of worship in the U.S.

Rather than covering up these concrete slabs with expensive floor coverings that can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, campaign committees and architects are taking a look at RenuKrete’s ECF technology. It’s easy to see why. RenuKrete’s ECF reveals concrete’s true decorative possibilities by using cutting-edge technology, skill and craftsmanship to sculpt a distinctive floor installation design right into the existing concrete, saving congregations significant dollars in the process.

Fulfilling Your Stewardship of the Environment

As an added point of difference and uniqueness for committees to present to their congregations, RenuKrete’s carbon imprint on the environment is significantly less when compared to the carbon output and emissions that are part of the manufacturing, distribution, delivery and installation of other floor coverings. RenuKrete’s ECF does not require any other covering to create a welcoming, beautiful floor that a congregation can take pride in. All that’s needed is the concrete slab that is in most cases already present.

And unlike carpeting which can quickly look worn, stained and haggard in a heavily trafficked worship space, or tiles which can easily break or crack if struck by a dropped object, low maintenance RenuKrete ECF repels all kinds of stains and abrasions and is particularly well-suited to worship lobbies and gathering areas where easy cleanup is a prime need.

Before you cover up your concrete floors, call RenuKrete.

Unlike other floor coverings that can be quite expensive, RenuKrete provides nonprofit houses of worship and their campaign committees, architects, cost estimators and facilities managers with a proven way to keep their flooring budgets in line without skimping on materials or workmanship. When it comes to flooring, RenuKrete is the cost-effective alternative for campaign committees who want to deliver their project on time and within budget.

If your house of worship is in the New Jersey, Massachusetts, eastern Pennsylvania or Long Island areas, and you’d like to request a meeting to discuss an estimate for your current or future flooring installation or renovation project, call RenuKrete at (800) 406-5010.

Church floor with Warm Chalet installation by RenuKrete


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