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"Call this company now!

I saved $35,000"

Before image of resurfaced concrete pool deck


Repair and Resurface Your Concrete Pool Deck: The Right Way

Keep Your 
Concrete Deck

With RenuKrete, your concrete pool deck, patio or walkway does not have to be removed. It has served you well for many years, and it can last you many more!

Get the Look & Feel
of Natural Stone

Our proprietary and patented technology

gives your existing concrete pool deck, patio or walkway the look and feel of natural stone.

How to Resurface your Concrete Pool Deck or Patio with RenuKrete

With RenuKrete ®, you can turn your concrete pool deck or patio into a unique piece of art that is practical, wonderful and cost effective. If you have a concrete deck in your backyard, around your swimming pool or in the front of your home, RenuKrete ® allows you to avoid the mess and high costs of removing your deck. Our skilled and trained RenuKrete artisans work closely with you to develop a vision for your property, using the deck that has served you well for years.


Cracks in your deck? No problem! RenuKrete ® makes these cracks disappear! Looking for an updated walkway or concrete porch? RenuKrete can do that, too!


Choose from exciting Designer Color Themes like Granite Slate, Hurricane Slate, Tuscany or Granite Boulder! Then watch how our artisans transform your deck into an area that resembles natural flagstones or pavers. ​

A Natural Look and Feel for your Concrete Pool Deck or Patio

RenuKrete ® is a concrete pool deck resurfacing technology that sculpts your existing deck into the look and feel of natural stone, preserving its natural texture. Unlike other resurfacing techniques for concrete pool decks and patios that create commercial-looking, overly glossy and sometimes slippery surfaces, RenuKrete maintains the natural texture of your deck and gives it the look and feel of natural stone.​Want to know if your concrete pool deck or patio is suitable for a RenuKrete pool deck resurfacing? Call 800-406-5010 today!

What is RenuKrete?

RenuKrete increases the values of multi-family, hospitality and residential properties by beautifying concrete pool decks, patios and walkways. Our proprietary and patent-pending resurfacing product gives dated concrete surfaces the look and feel of natural stone and turns them into warm and welcoming spaces.

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