Turn garages into living space with RenuKrete epoxy covered floors.

As kids grow and space becomes tight in your home, thoughts often turn to renovations and additions to gain room. But remodeling can be hugely expensive. One way to spend a fraction of the money and gain the room you need is to repurpose your garage as a family room, playroom, or even a home office or exercise room.

RenuKrete Epoxy Floor in Dark Creek
Garage-turned-Entertainment Room with RenuKrete Epoxy Floor

Don’t let the present condition of a dirty and stained garage floor dissuade you. RenuKrete epoxy coatings can restore and renew even the grungiest garage floor into a beautiful, ultra-durable flooring surface that can withstand anything you or your kids can throw at it. Or drop on it. From sliding chairs and rough plastic wheels that would scratch a wood floor, to juice spills and finger paints and crayons that can stain carpeting, with an epoxy floor any concerns you have about protecting the surface can be put to rest. And cleanup is easy with a damp cloth or mop.

A garage can be more than just a place to park a car

In addition, in these times where social distancing is of the utmost importance, a garage playroom lets your kids have friends over because you can open the door to let the air flow through. When the weather turns cold, add a heater to the room and your garage space can become a great 3-4 season playroom.

Color your garage floor beautiful with RenuKrete’s Five-step Epoxy System.

No other company knows how to craft amazing floors out of existing concrete slabs better than RenuKrete. RenuKrete specializes in restoring neglected and forlorn concrete surfaces by using proprietary processes and patented technologies that other companies cannot offer. No matter the size of your garage, the five-step epoxy system begins with deep cleaning and repairing any cracks, divots and other abrasions and stains before applying an epoxy primer.

With RenuKrete you can also choose from a wide palette of colors to enhance your garage floor’s appearance; whether you want it to be fun and funky for a kids’ playroom, or more reserved for a home office. The five-step epoxy system includes:

  • Grinding off weak top layer of concrete with existing stains and discoloration. Repairs to cracks and pitting as needed

  • Epoxy coating and primer

  • Color scheme application with Renu-Chips

  • Ultra-strong epoxy application

  • Grit to help reduce the chance of falls or slips on wet surface