Commercial flooring NJ, MA, NY, PA - Concrete slabs made beautiful with RenuKrete

When considering floor coverings for new or existing commercial structures such as retail, office buildings and more, cost estimators in the Northeast typically focus on the usual options: tile, carpeting, Terrazzo, vinyl, composite tile, and even paint, among others. Regardless of the quality classification of construction for new structures, floor finishing can consume five percent of your project costs, according to the 2017 National Building Cost Manual, published by Craftsman Book Company.

Concrete Floor that resembles Reclaimed Barn-style Planks in Office, by RenuKrete

In existing commercial spaces where a new tenant might be moving in or renovations to the lobby are being made, choosing a floor covering might be among the biggest costs in the property owner’s budget.

Like any other undertaking where worker time, materials and budget can come into conflict, anywhere that a cost estimator can save money is a good thing.

RenuKrete makes poured concrete look like tile, slate, flagstone, hardwood and more.

When it comes to deciding which floor covering products to choose, RenuKrete makes the decision easier for estimators by eliminating other floor coverings altogether and replacing them with a flooring solution that is designer-quality and more cost effective: Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF).

RenuKrete’s patented ECF technologies and processes artistically sculpt and tint concrete slabs to render new formations that can be made to look just like natural slate, tile, flagstone, granite and even hardwood planks. Anywhere there is a bare concrete floor either newly poured or already existing, RenuKrete can apply its patented technology to that concrete slab to make it into something new, beautiful, durable and economical.

  • Retail stores

  • Supermarkets

  • Banks

  • Department stores

  • Mixed-use

  • Hospitality

  • Office Buildings

  • Medical Offices

  • Restaurants

  • Houses of worship

  • Theaters and more.

RenuKrete uncovers concrete’s versatility in amazing ways.