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Renu-Grit - 3 lbs

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Renu-Grit is an additive material to be used as directed during the application of RenuKrete Guard Coat PRO 542. Renu-Grit has enhanced traction and reduces slipperiness of surfaces when tested in accordance with ANSI NFSI B101.3. Equipment: BOT 3000 Digital Tribometer

No guarantee or assurances are is made that Renu-Grit can or will change or improve traction or slipperiness in your particular application.

One unit contains approximately 3 lbs Renu-Grit which according to customer feedback may be enough for approximately 1,000 sft.

WARNING: Wet surfaces are slippery. Excessive use of Guard Coat PRO 542 can make pool decks slippery. By purchasing this product, you agree to hold RenuKrete NJ LLC, RenuKrete USA LLC and all subsidiaries harmless from any damages resulting from slip and fall. RenuKrete Terms and Conditions:

Renu-Grit - 3 lbs

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