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Pool Deck Resurfacing Services in Westchester County NY

Many of Greater New York’s most beautiful landscaped properties are found north of the city in Westchester County. And so are some amazing built-in pools with concrete decks, patios and walkways!  From inland towns like Bedford, Mt. Kisco and Rye Brook, to Hudson River hamlets like Croton-on-Hudson, Briarcliff Manor and Dobbs Ferry, Westchester homes and properties have plenty to offer families who want to live close to the city while still being able to quickly escape up North along the Taconic for a weekend in the Berkshires or Vermont.
But like all other towns in the northeast, the area’s broad and attractive concrete pool decks, patios and walkways are subject to freeze and thaw cycles, as well as stains from tree sap and other grime, which can make them less than attractive to the homeowner and any prospective buyers, if listing the home is in the cards. 
While many in Westchester have the means to travel, recent events (i.e. Covid) have meant more staycations enjoying family and close friends by the pool. However, if that concrete pool deck has fallen into disrepair, besides being an eyesore, the risk of trips, falls and injuries grow exponentially.   

Reclaim dirty, stained and cracked concrete pool decks with RenuKrete® ECF.

For concrete pool decks that have lasted through multiple years and weather cycles, signs of wear and tear can often become a problem that has to be addressed for aesthetic and safety reasons. The same goes for pools at apartment buildings, such as those in Yonkers. 

Among the many choices available to homeowners and multi-family property managers who want to restore the appeal of their concrete pool decks, most find that RenuKrete® Engineered Concrete Flooring is the smartest choice in terms of quality, durability, and natural beauty. 

Westchester County NY - Restore concrete pool decks with the look of natural flagstone or slate tile. 

RenuKrete® Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) is a patented system that brings new life, safety and durability to existing concrete decks and floors. If your pool deck has become your backyard’s most unappealing feature, RenuKrete® can restore your original vision with a designer’s flair that mirrors your lifestyle. Even if your concrete decking is fractured with cracks and uneven expansion joints, RenuKrete® will make them disappear as if they never existed.

Largely a mechanical process that’s custom crafted via proprietary technologies, the ECF system addresses concrete issues and repairs on a structural level. Unlike concrete overlays which can peel and chip in just a few years, or expensive and carbon intensive pool deck demolition and replacement, RenuKrete® ECF restores the integrity of the existing concrete slab and beautifies it by creating the look of natural flagstone, slate or tile to meet the customers’ color and design preferences. RenuKrete ECF is perfect for the pool deck, the patio, walkways, and even indoors in the garage and basement at residential properties, or for pool decks, walkways. hallways and lobbies in multi-family properties.


Westchester County NY Homeowners – Trust the pros at RenuKrete® for these services, too! Call now. 


Pool Deck Resurfacing 

  • Gives worn concrete pool decks the look and feel of natural flagstone or slate tile

  • Works on decks with cracks, and with sunken slabs

  • Many color themes available

  • Eliminates need for costly and risky demolition

Granite Boulder - after.jpg

Walkway and Patio Resurfacing 

  • Gives worn concrete walkways and patios the look of natural flagstone or tile

  • Works on walkways with cracks, sunken slabs etc

  • No more need for costly removal and installation of pavers that will wobble and grow weeds

before after.jpg

Garage Floor Flake Epoxy 

  • Upgrades Garage Floors with wonderful textured look

  • 12 color themes available

  • Durable polyaspartic top coat for maximum durability

  • Proprietary 5-Step System includes grinding and grit

Basement and Commercial Floor Resurfacing 

  • Gives concrete floors in homes and commercial buildings the look and feel of tile

  • Maintains ceiling height

  • Can be drilled through

  • Flood proof

Westchester County NY Area Concrete Resurfacing Services

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