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5 Things that make your backyard incredible: the ultimate checklist

With the warmer weather our thoughts turn to spending more time outdoors. Thoughtfully designed landscaping and tall hedges or evergreens for privacy only add to the allure of your backyard.

But in addition to providing an outdoor haven from the work week and a great spot for leisure time and entertaining, which backyard features can add value to your property?

Tip 1: Block out the Neighbors

There are few things you can do in your backyard that bring as much pleasure (or drive as much appeal for buyers) than a private space with lots of greenery to shut out the neighbors. Evergreens for privacy as well as deciduous trees for shade make a good combination. Add a quality fence and you’re all set.

High brushes, plants and trees can create privacy and often look better than a fence.

Tip 2: Patios for Entertaining

According to Kiplinger, 87% of homebuyers want a backyard with a patio for entertaining. A beautiful flagstone or slate patio is a beautifully functional outdoor space where one can cook up a storm on the grill, and family and guests can gather around a table to share meals and laughs.

The dream of many future homeowners: An inviting patio to entertain on.

Tip 3: Fun ‘n’ Games

If you have a large yard, making it welcome for kids is a great way to keep them entertained. Swing sets and jungle gyms can help get kids out to play after school and on the weekends. For kids and adults, space for outdoor games like horseshoes and badminton, as well as a swimming pool help keep everyone active.

Plenty of opportunities for fun and games add appeal to any backyard.

Tip 4: Flower beds that add color

A backyard that has a lot of green provided by trees, wonderful grass and bushes can be beautiful, especially when it is maintained well. Sometimes, in all the green, backyards can lose focal points that draw a visitor’s attention. Consider adding flower beds with interesting colors to accentuate areas of interest, like fire pits, patios or jungle gyms.

Colors break up the monotony of too much green. Use them to accentuate individual areas for more attention.

Tip 5: A pool deck that’s in tip-top shape

A backyard pool that’s surrounded by a concrete deck that’s cracked or stained with sap or dirt can be an eyesore for guests and potential buyers. Give RenuKrete a call and let us take a look at it and suggest how we can restore your existing concrete deck to pristine beauty with the look of flagstone, slate or tile. There’s no need to let a forlorn pool deck become a deal breaker.

Better than sitting on old drab concrete slab: A resort-style pool deck.

With many of these tips, your local landscaper can be a great resource. When it comes to your concrete pool deck or patio, make sure you call your friends at RenuKrete.


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