A RenuKrete floor can help keep the court out of the Cafe.

It seems like no matter where you shop these days, whether at a big box store, a home improvement store or your local supermarket, nearly every large retail store now offers a food court or café to entice shoppers to prolong their visit, have a bite to eat or a beverage, and perhaps even shop a while longer.

For the store owner who can spare the space, a café is a good way to build brand I.D. and good feelings with the customer, as well as repeat business.

That’s why making sure the customer has a safe experience is paramount.

RenuKrete is a safer flooring choice for in-store cafés.

In most cases, the idea of the café experience is to make the space seem independent from the rest of the store interior. This means making different decorative choices in paint and furniture colors, signage and, in particular, flooring. Perhaps no other physical characteristic of the café setting sets the boundary between the store’s main floor and the food area than the flooring choice. Which is why when it comes to the flooring in the café, making sure that it’s well maintained and safe is critical to avoid trip, slip and fall claims.

RenuKrete Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) is perhaps the best way to reduce the chances of a customer tripping and becoming injured due to a damaged floor because it’s crafted from the existing concrete floor. There is no lip or edge that changes the surface height of the floor, which could pose a tripping hazard for a customer upon entering the space.

This is made possible because RenuKrete ECF is crafted from the existing concrete surface. It’s not an overlay or a covering, both of which will eventually crack and peel. But the true beauty of RenuKrete ECF is that it can give an existing concrete slab the appearance of tile, wide plank or a natural flagstone, without causing any differentiation in floor height that can lead to trips.

Where floor tiles crack and lift, tripping hazards can arise.

Over time, tile floors and laminates can begin to wear and crack at the corner seams as well as straight across. As foot traffic and sliding furniture knocks these cracked parts loose, the resulting divots in the floor become a place where heels and shoe tips can catch and lead to a fall.

Failed Vinyl VCT Tile on polished concrete floor at Home Depot