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Pennsylvania machine shop whips its concrete floor into shape with RenuKrete concrete polishing.

A dirty and worn concrete workshop floor is no big deal when customers are not permitted beyond the machine shop doors. However, when the owner of a large Pennsylvania machine shop wanted to update his factory floor and make it more presentable to customers and vendors, and cut way back on the dust that accumulated from his company’s machining processes, the first thing he had to tackle was the concrete floor.

Polished concrete floor at a machine shop in Pennsylvania (PA)

The owner recognized that not all concrete floor polishing companies are created equal. Especially considering the condition of the floor in his machine shop, which went back decades since it had last been tended to. So he reached out to RenuKrete Commercial Services to bring their concrete polishing experience and know-how to bear. RenuKrete turned the old and ugly machine shop floor into something that ownership and workers could be proud to maintain and happy to welcome in visitors to have a look around.

A multi-step concrete polishing process ending in a fabulous sheen.

As with any concrete polishing job, particularly where the floor has been neglected for some time, RenuKrete first had to repair the condition of the concrete. This requires coarse diamond segments to smooth pitting and remove stains and blemishes before preparing the floor for the finishing grinding processes.

Once any expansion joints or cracks that need repair have been addressed, and the integrity of the concrete floor has been restored to a condition that will accept the polishing process, RenuKrete begins polishing with a series of diamond abrasives that work to smooth the entirety of the floor, with each pass becoming finer and finer, all the way up to 3000 grit. In between polishing passes RenuKrete also adds an impregnating sealer that is absorbed into the concrete to protect and densify it. In some situations a stain guard is also added in the final step to ensure the floor is more resistant to future spills and blemishes.

Taking concrete polishing an extra step with concrete dying.

Sometimes a business owner is simply sick and tired of looking at the same old concrete floor and wants to do something a little different. Depending on the owner’s vision, during the polishing process dyes or stains can also be applied to make the floor a more preferable color or to add patterns and visual interest. In particular, RenuKrete is known for specializing in adding dyes to create a unique appearance or even to imitate the look of polished stone.

The RenuKrete Commercial Services team then expertly polishes the concrete to perfection, revealing a polished concrete floor that looks brand new.

A luster that lasts for up to 10 years.

Concrete floors polished by RenuKrete are extremely durable and attractive and can stand up to many years of service. Whether the owner would like a floor that is high sheen or one that is more understated with a matte finish, the beauty of a RenuKrete polished floor is that it’s low maintenance and won’t require waxing or polishing for many years to come, if at all. RenuKrete has provided expert concrete floor polishing services for business owners throughout New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Long Island, including the following types of facilities:

  • Automobile service centers and showrooms

  • Factory floor

  • Warehouse floors

  • Hospital floors

  • Production facilities

  • Commercial real estate

  • Manufacturing companies & more.

For expert concrete floor polishing, call RenuKrete Commercial Services today.

Let RenuKrete Commercial Services can give your old and worn concrete floors new shine and beauty with concrete polishing services that are best in class. To request a visit for a FREE estimate, give RenuKrete Commercial Services a call at 800-406-5010.


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