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RenuKrete concrete polishing makes an unsightly NJ Cadillac auto dealer service floor shine.

Consumer-facing businesses are always looking for every advantage to compete more effectively for customers. When a large, Cadillac dealer in northern New Jersey wanted to convert part of its service center into an area where customer traffic could flow, the concrete floor had to be spruced up big time.

Before and After image of polished concrete floor at New Jersey Cadillac dealer

Not surprisingly, the concrete showed all the signs of being a floor in an auto service department: the surface was filthy dirty, plus stains and ground-in dirt from car tires and years of auto technician traffic and lubricant spills had left a mess that was best left out of sight of customers.

The luxury dealership called RenuKrete Commercial Services to see what the company could do about the grimy concrete floor. Upon further inspection, it was determined that rather than covering up the floor with tile or some kind of laminate, the most economical approach would be to polish the concrete to the brightest, shiny finish possible.

Experience matters. RenuKrete Commercial Services are the concrete polishing experts.

There are more than a few concrete polishing companies to choose from, but not all are qualified to tackle the toughest jobs whether in terms of square footage or re-establishing the quality of the underlying concrete.

RenuKrete utilizes a process that includes several steps to restore the cosmetics of the concrete. The company begins by eliminating pitting and other imperfections, as well as cleaning various stains, scratches and marks, and filling expansion joints so that the integrity of the floor is restored. The floor is then polished by a series of coarse diamond abrasives before any color stains and densifiers are applied, working its way to a final polishing application with up to a super smooth 3000 grit sanding. The end result is a durable and beautiful, high-gloss or matte finish that maintains its luster without periodic stripping and reapplying of various floor finishes or wax.

A RenuKrete polished floor can maintain its sheen for up to 10 years.

When done correctly (as when done by RenuKrete), polished concrete is an extremely durable and versatile flooring choice that can withstand years of wear and tear from all sorts of traffic: people, vehicles, abrasives, auto fluids and more. Depending on the preferences of the property owner, the floor can achieve a client-preferred degree of sheen from satin finish to a high gloss so reflective you can see yourself in it.

RenuKrete has applied the same degree of experience and technological know-how to polished concrete floors for other industries, as well:

  • Factory machine shops

  • Warehouses

  • Production facilities

  • Commercial real estate sales

  • Manufacturing companies & more.

Taking concrete polishing an extra step with concrete dying.

In situations where owners would like to give their concrete floors a totally different look, RenuKrete also can offer a proprietary mix of dyes and creative treatments that colorize and/or achieve remarkable natural-looking stone patterns. The RenuKrete Commercial Services team then expertly polishes the concrete to perfection, revealing a polished concrete floor that looks brand new.

Is your concrete floor in need of rejuvenation? Call RenuKrete Commercial Services!

Whether your company has offices, manufacturing facilities and/or warehouses in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, Massachusetts or Long Island, RenuKrete Commercial Services can give your downtrodden concrete floors new life with concrete polishing services that are best in class.

To request a visit for a FREE estimate, give RenuKrete Commercial Services a call at 800-406-5010.


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