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5-star review for RenuKrete concrete basement floor solution

"Terrific solution for basement flooring! Our original plan to lay porcelain tile in our basement was obliterated by our discovery of Renukrete. As an architect, I have had experience with various concrete treatments and patterns in retail and entertainment applications, but Renukrete’s proprietary system is a homerun for residential use. Not only did we end up with a unique flooring concept (Tuscany), but we also maintained the code-required headroom clearance and saved a great deal of money, possibly a 50% savings from our original design. Though Renukrete can make concrete floors look just like typical tile, we opted for the flagstone pattern for which they are best known on their pool decks. We were tempted by their many options, but we have been so pleased with our choice and the response we have received." (Debbie Rizzo)

Thank you, Debbie. So proud!


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