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When was the last time you marveled over a designer concrete floor?

RenuKrete®’s barn-style, wide-plank flooring design brings lifetime beauty and durability to finished basements and other concrete floors.

There’s really only one way to achieve true permanence in a concrete floor covering. That’s to skip the covering altogether and use the concrete slab itself. Say what?

Think about it: where’s the designer appeal in a basement slab? And what interior designer worth his or her salt would suggest to their client that their basement slab is plenty good enough? Why add a floor covering when the concrete holds the secret to a stunningly beautiful floor right beneath its surface?

Reclaimed Barn-style Planks in Driftwood
Reclaimed Barn-style Planks in Driftwood

Here’s a little secret: a designer that makes such a recommendation is all in on RenuKrete®.

Turning drab, lifeless concrete surfaces into designer showpieces is RenuKrete®’s specialty. The same patented technology that the company employs on concrete pool decks and commercial flooring installations is also available for concrete basement floors, and the results are remarkable.

Reclaimed barn-style wide plank floors are stunning to behold.

Like old hand-hewn planks recovered from a New England barn from the late 19th Century, RenuKrete®’s barn plank design captures the weathered look of exposed wood, grain and all, to create a basement flooring base that will have your friends and family members marveling over the design aesthetic.

These are not real planks (although it’s hard to tell); rather they are a product of RenuKrete®’s innovative Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) technology. A RenuKrete® ECF installation uses sculptural techniques and modern machine-learning technology to transform an existing basement slab from dull and boring into something amazing – all with the look and feel of natural, wide-plank hardwood flooring. There is no subfloor or flooring material that goes on top of it. Rather, it’s the bare concrete of your basement slab brought to a new, designer-inspired beauty like never before possible.

A modern, rustic flooring design for basement entertainment rooms and more.

One of the great things about barn-style planks is that they fit perfectly with the more casual activities that are hosted in a finished basement. Whether you have a wet bar to install or theater seating you’d like to add to an entertainment room, RenuKrete®’s ECF barn-style floors can be drilled to allow easy installation. The same goes for bottom plates should the homeowner or interior designer decide to divide the space into multiple rooms. If you run your business from your home, your wide plank floors make a great impression if and when clients pay you a visit.

For a kids’ play area, RenuKrete®’s ECF is indestructible. No matter how much your children and their friends want to horse around in your basement, the floor will never show any signs of their roughhousing. (We can’t make any promises for the other contents in your basement!)

Peace of mind in the event of flooding incidents.

Every homeowner loves the idea of a finished basement and every interior designer makes it their mission to make the most of this livable space when given the opportunity. But this is still the basement, where water is always a danger whether due to flooding, frozen pipe bursts, hot water tank ruptures, sump pump failures, or any other kind of plumbing or sewer problem.

Reclaimed Barn-style Planks in Birchwood

One of the biggest downsides to floor coverings, including carpeting, tile, hardwood and others, is that a flooding incident can mean the entire floor and subfloor has to be ripped out and put out to trash. This not only makes a mess but it is also less friendly to the environment. All of that material now has to be carted away to a landfill, and should the homeowner decide to replace the flooring with a similar product, there’s a significant impact on the environment by way of sourcing, manufacturing, shipping and re-installing the floor covering.

The alternative is to skip the inefficiencies in this supply chain and instead let RenuKrete® turn your concrete basement floor into something new, beautiful and supremely low maintenance.

Before you cover up your concrete floors, call RenuKrete®.

If you live in the New Jersey, Massachusetts, eastern Pennsylvania or Long Island areas, give RenuKrete® a call at (800) 406-5010 to schedule a visit for a free estimate. If you’re working with an interior designer, ask them to give us a call at this same number and we can discuss the benefits of RenuKrete® and how ECF can improve your basement living.


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