Book your 2022 Concrete Pool Deck Restoration early.

Every year, when the summer pool season nears its end, homeowners and residential property managers with older, cracked or damaged concrete pool decks have to weigh whether their pool deck requires immediate attention or can make it through yet another season. When in doubt, however, it’s better to be certain and look into your options now…before next spring gets here.

Regardless of concrete’s amazing durability, older pool decks withstand a lot of stress over the years. Particularly in the northeast and New England, where repeated freeze and thaw cycles can play havoc with ground stability, leading to shifting and lifting that can cause cracks to develop in the concrete slabs (which will only get bigger over time). Then there are the many deciduous trees in our region which drop their own fruit and seed pods, as well as sticky tree sap and decaying leaves that leave behind unsightly stains. If you’ve been trying to keep up appearances with annual pressure washing that can also add wear and tear, etching and degrading the surface.

If your pool deck suffers from any of these problems, or others such as uneven expansion joints, a process such as Engineered Concrete Flooring can not only restore the integrity of your deck, but beautify it as well.

Engineered Concrete Flooring – The technology behind concrete beautification

RenuKrete® Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) is a patented and proprietary process that combines the craftsmanship of European masonry with the technological sophistication of modern-day engineering. RenuKrete ECF transforms worn, stained, cracked and pitted concrete deck surfaces into revitalized natural stone formations like flagstone and slate tiles.

The RenuKrete process is not to be confused with other processes such as concrete overlays, which can crack or peel in just a few years. Rather, ECF is the long-lasting concrete beautification solution that’s crafted from your existing concrete pool deck, eliminating the need for demolition and removal of your deck. Engineered Concrete Flooring not only cuts down on potential damage to your landscaping and the possibility of your in-ground pool wall being compromised by demolition, it leaves a minimal carbon footprint since there are no heavy trucks and digging equipment that need to enter your yard.

RenuKrete ECF – Restoring concrete pool decks throughout the northeast.