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Can a concrete deck around a pool be resurfaced?

The answer is “yes”. But not all concrete pool deck resurfacing processes work in the same way. There are some, such as concrete stamping and concrete overlays, which are merely cosmetic surface treatments. These processes don’t contribute structurally to the concrete surface in the way that a more integrative process does.

RenuKrete Engineered Concrete Flooring uses patented technologies and proprietary processes to restore existing concrete deck surfaces in the mid-Atlantic and New England region. A pool deck that’s restored with the RenuKrete ECF process may be structurally improved and cosmetically transformed. Artistry takes over and the concrete pool deck is changed to look like natural flagstone or slate, in a color palette chosen by the homeowner. By utilizing modern sculpting technology and techniques, RenuKrete renders a surface that is as beautiful to behold as it is to walk on, and entertain on.

RenuKrete adds years of usability to existing concrete pool decks.

It’s easy to see why concrete is one of the most widely used building products in the world. It can last for years and structurally it is able to withstand incredible forces that other building materials cannot endure. However, when it comes to a concrete pool deck that has been exposed to the elements and freeze and thaw cycles, such as those that exist from New Jersey to Massachusetts and beyond, some cracks and heaving can occur leaving deck surfaces unsafe and unsightly.

Understandably, every homeowner wants to know how long their concrete pool deck resurfacing will last, and preparation is key to ensuring a long-lasting result. But the fact is hairline cracks will occur naturally as concrete settles and ground conditions change over time. Whereas cosmetic surface treatments cover up the existing surface, any further cracks that will occur underneath can quickly stress the overlay causing it to crack and peel.

RenuKrete ECF works with the existing surface because it becomes part of it. It won’t peel away and become a tripping hazard for family and guests enjoying time beside the pool.

RenuKrete is…

  • Created from the existing concrete deck, meaning RenuKrete is less taxing on the environment because there’s no demolition or replacement of old concrete. Homeowners save money and minimize carbon output when compared to demolition and replacement.

  • Not an overlay. It won’t chip and peel away in a few years like overlays can.

  • Depending on the concrete base more stable than pavers, which can easily shift and sink over time, particularly when used as decking next to a pool.

  • Authentic. RenuKrete maintains the natural texture of your deck and gives it the look and feel of natural stone.

RenuKrete ECF concrete pool deck resurfacing is the smart choice.

Creating a beautiful and welcoming backyard haven and pool is a big investment in your home’s value. An unsightly patio and pool deck that’s stained and cracked can be a big disappointment and embarrassment. Plus, uneven cracks or slab shifts can be a tripping hazard. If you’ve already treated your pool deck with an overlay and it is now cracking and peeling, the best option is to remove the overlay all together and start over.

Unlike cosmetic overlays and concrete stamping that can ultimately chip and peel off, RenuKrete ECF is sculpted from the existing concrete deck and crafted into stone formations resembling natural flagstone and slate tile. Even concrete pool decks that are fractured with cracks and uneven expansion joints can be made to look new as if the wear and tear never existed.

To learn more, contact RenuKrete about Engineered Concrete Flooring and see the difference.

Does your pool deck need a serious face lift? Give RenuKrete a call and set up an appointment to discuss your pool deck and how RenuKrete can transform it with the look of natural flagstone or tile. For visual appeal and safety’s sake, you’ll be glad you did. Call 800-406-5010.


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