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Don’t Demo Your Concrete Pool Deck – Repair and restore it to look like new.

A professionally poured concrete pool deck is made to last. Even after many years of use, the structural soundness of your deck is salvageable even when ground-in dirt, stains, and cracking from freeze/thaw cycles make it less than attractive. As bad as your deck might look, any thoughts of demolition should be dispensed with unless the condition of the deck and the pool are in such poor shape that your only option is to start over.

But whether you’ve just moved into a home or have lived there for years, breaking apart and removing old concrete is not only costly, it can be destructive to your backyard and the integrity of your pool walls. Heavy equipment must be moved in and any work you’ve done on landscaping will have to be replaced. If there is not enough property between your home and your neighbors, requesting they allow equipment access to your backyard over part of their property is a gigantic hassle and could lead to hard feelings.

A better solution to reclaim your concrete pool deck is to choose a renovation process that will restore the appearance of your existing deck and give it many more years of service.

When considering your options for concrete restoration, it’s important to weigh all the alternatives to find the right solution for your home. Factors such as the climate, tall trees nearby, and other factors can determine how well the restoration process you choose will last.

Integrative vs. Cosmetic – Which concrete pool deck restoration processes are better?

Processes like concrete overlays and stamping offer homeowners’ beautiful designs and color schemes that transform any concrete surface into a like-new installation. While any reputable installer will make sure to make repairs to the underlying concrete before applying their product, the fact of the matter is that these processes are cosmetic, meaning they are applied over the slab much like fresh paint on an old barn – they’re not integrated into the existing concrete below. If at any point the installer did a less than acceptable job when preparing the underlying concrete, you can run into problems with the overlay a lot sooner than promised.

For example, concrete overlays and stamping can be layered very thin, in some cases a half-inch or less, making them susceptible to cracking and peeling after only a few years. In a cold climate like the Northeast, moisture during freeze/thaw cycles can infiltrate any little crack in the surface and get under the overlay. As any homeowner knows, outside of a tree falling or natural emergency such as a hurricane, water can pose the biggest problem a homeowner faces when it comes to maintaining the structural integrity of the home, driveway and walkways, patio, foundation, and pool and pool deck.

Why is an integrative process such as RenuKrete ECF better for pool deck revitalization?

RenuKrete’s Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) is a proprietary patented and patent-pending resurfacing technology by which RenuKrete can create the beauty of natural flagstone and slate tile from the surface of existing concrete pool decks. Existing is the operative word because not only does the RenuKrete process negate the prospect of demolishing the existing concrete deck, it transforms the concrete slab you have into something totally new and remarkable.

This gives RenuKrete tremendous advantages when compared to other concrete deck restoration solutions and processes.

RenuKrete is…

  • Created from the existing concrete deck. There’s no demolition or replacement of old concrete, saving money and carbon output.

  • Not a deck overlay or paint. It won’t chip and peel away in a few years like these kinds of products.

  • Far better than pavers for pool deck applications. It won’t shift or sink over time like pavers can when water gets in between and compromises the sand base, particularly around the edges. The space in between pavers can also become a breeding ground for moss and plant growth. RenuKrete leaves a much cleaner surface.

  • RenuKrete maintains the authentic texture of your concrete deck while transforming it to the look and feel of natural flagstone and slate tile.

  • Each engineered concrete decking restoration is a unique piece of art that accentuates the beauty of natural stone derived in a sustainable way from your existing concrete surface.

By blending old-style sculpting techniques with modern-day technologies, RenuKrete can create a unique piece of art for your pool deck, patio and walkways without covering up the concrete with thin overlays that ultimately can chip and peel off. RenuKrete ECF makes it possible for homeowners to bring new life to their backyards with a beautiful deck and patio created from a color palette that compliments their outdoor living and entertaining.

Discover if RenuKrete Engineered Concrete Flooring is right for your pool deck restoration.

If your concrete pool deck is overdue for a facelift, any time of the year is a good time to contact RenuKrete for an estimate so you can get on the docket and maximize your enjoyment during pool season.

To learn more or to schedule a visit for an estimate, contact RenuKrete at 800-406-5010.


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