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Hardwood flooring in NJ basements: No longer a flooding nightmare with RenuKrete®

Before now, if a homeowner chose to install hardwood flooring in their basement one would hope that the installer had advised them of the risks involved. The same goes for basement carpeting, tiles, vinyl floor coverings, engineered wood and other similar coverings. That’s because, as most homeowners who’ve experienced a water disaster know, the basement is not only prone to high humidity, dampness, and occasional water, when things really go wrong, either on the floors above or due to severe weather and flooding, the basement is the place that gets hit the hardest.

The old expression “_____ rolls downhill” is no joke.

Hardwood-style concrete floor in basement, Rustic Red Oak with Blonde grout

Many of the large finished basements throughout New Jersey are something to behold, with exercise rooms, home offices, entertainment areas, playrooms and workshops, plus the utility room where appliances like the hot water heater and much of the home’s plumbing infrastructure is located.

That’s the good and bad all wrapped into one. Anything that goes wrong with the plumbing such as a ruptured hot water tank, failing sump pump or burst pipe in the wall or ceiling can ruin an entire basement floor and subfloor, which will then have to be ripped out and replaced.

RenuKrete® has a better idea for basement flooring

RenuKrete® creates great-looking engineered concrete flooring surfaces that remain like new through any flooding situation. Simply grab a web vac or mop and cleanup is easy. That’s because RenuKrete® is not actually a floor covering. Rather it is sculpted from the basement’s existing concrete slab and made to look and feel like a natural, wide-plank hardwood floor.

Using modern technology that’s been inspired by centuries of craftsmanship, RenuKrete®’s artisans use specialized equipment to create a new surface in your existing concrete floor with the color and consistency of a wide-plank hardwood floor.

The end result is a fabulous concrete floor with the look of real hardwood.

RenuKrete offers homeowners five natural wood grain styles, including: Rustic Red Oak, French Pine, Nordic Black Maple, Brazilian Walnut and Carolina Birchwood. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy many years of low-maintenance care without ever worrying about the prospect of ripping out a basement floor again. Plus, you’ll have a beautiful floor that will ‘wow’ your family and friends!

To speak with a RenuKrete® representative, call (800) 406-5010.


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