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How a customer saved $10,000 upgrading their concrete floor

Even though most of our ECF (Engineered Concrete Floor) installations are in commercial buildings, we also work in single-home residences. In this example, one of our RenuKrete crews gave a home owner in Bergen County, NJ a fresh, warm and welcoming basement floor, without breaking the budget.

Years ago, someone had installed ceramic tile on the basement floor. The quality of the installation was so pour that the tiles buckled up and came off. This is how the tiles looked by now. Note the area in the front where the home owner had removed the loose tiles:

Original tile installation with failed ceramic tiles in the foreground

This basement is around 2,500 sft large. The removed tiles filled one 20 yard dumpster to the rim!

Removal of failed ceramic tiles in basement

After the tile removal, the underlying concrete floor was exposed and cleaned up. Now it looked like this:

Exposed concrete slab in basement

The owner knew that they didn't want carpet or hardwood floors installed because of the moisture problems they would have. After speaking with a tile installation company, they approached us at RenuKrete with the request to have a design that coordinates with their furniture and walls, as well as with the tiles they used to have.

This homeowner chose a 20" x 20" RenuKrete Tuscany ECF installation, and it looks magnificent! The ECF installation took less time than a comparable tile installation, it added about 1/2" ceiling height to the basement (because no new tiles where installed), and - maybe most importantly - saved this homeowner about $10,000 in total project cost.

What a great example for another successful Engineered Concrete Floor installation!

RenuKrete Tuscany ECF installation

Engineered Concrete Floor Tuscany ECF - Close-up


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