How do you restore dirty and cracked concrete pool decks? In Morris County NJ, call RenuKrete.

Among the many lists of America’s wealthiest counties, Morris County, New Jersey, is always included near the top. Areas and towns like New Vernon, Mendham, Chatham, Kinnelon, Mountain Lakes, Morris Township and others throughout the county boast many beautiful homes with the resources and the property to afford beautiful landscapes and custom in-ground pools.

Like all things exposed to the weather, and in particular the fluctuating temperatures that come with four seasons’ living, concrete pool decks can become dirty over time and damaged by repetitive freeze and thaw cycles that can crack the concrete and heave expansion joints.

Choosing the best option for pool deck renovation.

When damage or built-up dirt and grime make concrete pool decks unappealing to the eye and a distraction from the rest of backyard landscaping, many homeowners will turn to the web to research the best solution for their backyard pool. Those who find RenuKrete are on the right track to a beautifully restored pool deck.

That’s because the new RenuKrete surface is created from the existing concrete pool deck. Indeed, RenuKrete’s Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) is a proprietary patented and patent-pending resurfacing technology by which RenuKrete is able to create the beauty of natural flagstone and slate tile from the surface of existing concrete pool decks. This gives RenuKrete tremendous advantages when compared to other concrete deck restoration solutions and processes. For example:

RenuKrete is…

  • Created from the existing concrete deck. There’s no demolition or replacement of old concrete, saving money and carbon output.

  • Not a deck overlay or paint. It won’t chip and peel away in a few years like these kinds of products.

  • Far better than pavers for pool deck applications. It won’t shift or sink over time like pavers. The space in between pavers can also become a bed for moss and plant growth. RenuKrete leaves a much cleaner surface. (Many landscapers will recommend pavers because that’s what they know how to install. Instead, trust your concrete deck to the pros at RenuKrete.)

  • Authentic. RenuKrete maintains the natural texture of your deck and gives it the look and feel of natural stone.

Cutting through the clutter of pool deck renovation options is not as easy as it might seem. None of the other options, however, can come close to competing with RenuKrete for durability, low maintenance, and sustainability – which makes RenuKrete the best choice above all.

Granite Slate Classic Tile Pool deck by RenuKrete