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How much does it cost to resurface a concrete pool deck?

If you live in the mid-Atlantic states or further north in New England, concrete pool deck resurfacing costs can fluctuate by five or more dollars per square foot. In states like New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania, or up north in Massachusetts and its surrounding states, there are many things to consider when weighing the costs of the available concrete resurfacing processes.

RenuKrete resurfaced this concrete pool deck to the look and feel of natural stone
RenuKrete resurfaced concrete pool deck

For one thing, the weather in the northeast should play a big part in how you evaluate not only how much your resurfacing will cost, but how long the resurfacing will last. This is important because there are some processes, such as concrete overlays, which are strictly surface treatments. This means they won’t fare as well in weather zones where freeze and thaw cycles can cause the concrete below the overlay to shift and crack. Any little imperfection can cause a tear in the overlay which lets water in, and then leads to peeling and tearing.

On the plus side overlays can be less expensive that other pool deck resurfacing products and processes, however, the downside is overlays don’t last as long—which could mean you’ll have to worry about safety issues around the pool such as trips and falls way sooner than with processes that are integrated with the existing concrete surface.

Here are a few resurfacing options to inquire about when you’re ready to call vendors for cost estimates:

  • Concrete stamping

  • Demo and new construction

  • Engineered Concrete Flooring

  • Pavers

Choose the right resurfacing technology for your concrete pool deck.

Ordinarily pavers and concrete demolition and new construction wouldn’t be part of a discussion about concrete pool deck resurfacing, but people often include these when considering their options. Either way, if you have an existing concrete pool deck, both options will require you to break it up and rip out the old concrete before replacing it with a new pour or brick or concrete pavers. So even before you’ve addressed the new installation you will already be several thousand dollars or more out of pocket. Not very cost effective, indeed.

Before and after of a concrete pool deck resurfaced with RenuKrete
RenuKrete resurfaced concrete pool deck

Furthermore, demolishing the concrete slab beside a built-in pool is also dangerous because the hammering and digging can compromise the integrity of the walls of the pool. You also run the risk of damaging the plumbing running underneath the slab, which in itself can be a significant cost to replace or repair.

For concrete resurfacing, stamped concrete is a popular option that will last longer than overlays, however it can be much more expensive to install. Stamping allows for interesting colors and a variety of patterns which are “stamped” into a new layer of concrete after it’s poured and before it hardens. While stamped concrete will endure better than overlays, it shares one important characteristic in that it is essentially a thin topcoat no more than one-quarter to three-quarter inches thick. Again, in a region where weather plays a huge part in how concrete performs, concrete stamping can also break up over time unless it’s regularly maintained and resealed.

RenuKrete® Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) makes the most of existing concrete surfaces

Unlike concrete stamping and overlays, RenuKrete® ECF integrates with the existing concrete surface rather than acting as a cosmetic, topical layer. Through RenuKrete®’s proprietary resurfacing technology, RenuKrete® is able to create the beauty of natural flagstone and slate tile from the surface of your existing concrete pool deck, bringing new life to your backyard at a price that’s highly competitive with the cosmetic alternatives, while being much less than demolition and replacement.

Where concrete decking has deteriorated, cracked and become worn, RenuKrete® ECF miraculously restores the original surface to new beauty. Even if your concrete decking is fractured with cracks and uneven expansion joints, RenuKrete® will make them disappear as if they never existed. Concrete surfaces that have been scarred and stained by neglect can be rejuvenated and made into an authentic looking natural flagstone or slate tile deck that will leave you delighted for years to come.

And unlike other resurfacing techniques for concrete pool decks and patios that create commercial-looking, overly glossy and sometimes slippery surfaces, RenuKrete® maintains the natural foothold and texture of your concrete deck while it gives it the look and feel of natural stone.

You owe it to yourself to acquire the renewed pool deck you dream about.

The condition of your concrete pool deck is the ultimate arbiter of how much your family and friends will enjoy all your pool has to offer. A pool deck that shows obvious signs of wear and tear, as well as cracks and other imperfections that are safety hazards, can be reclaimed anew by RenuKrete® ECF’s patented and proprietary processes. At a cost that may surprise you, it’s highly worth it to give RenuKrete® a call if you are in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, or other states throughout the northeast. To learn more, call 800-406-5010 to speak with a RenuKrete® concrete deck restoration expert.


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