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How RenuKrete emits less CO2 and makes your old concrete pool deck, patio or walkway look like new.

Companies founded by engineers tend to have technological advantages that give them a competitive edge. These days, many leading companies also try to use their mastery of technology to reduce the environmental impact of our modern society, and many establish thus not only technology leadership but also leadership in what it means to be a responsible member of our society, even if that member is a corporation.

This pool deck renovation by RenuKrete saved sigbificant CO2 emissions compared to demolition and new material

The management of RenuKrete believes in science and what the overwhelming majority of climate scientists are telling us. If the Summer of 2020 is any indication, the growing threat of climate change is very real. Between unrelenting wildfires out West, the conga line of tropical storms down South, and zip-code-size chunks of ice breaking off from glaciers at both magnetic poles, the planet is no longer hinting at trouble but is now shouting at us about it.  

Even if you dismiss the science and think this is a warming cycle and not man-made, we should all be able to agree that if we don’t do something to reduce our carbon output this planet will fast become uninhabitable for some, and downright dangerous for many others, including our kids and grandkids—furthermore, in less time than was initially forecast.

RenuKrete saved this 20-year old pool deck from demolition.

How does concrete fit into climate change?

The fact is: the concrete industry is responsible for 8% of the world's CO2 emissions. According to an article appearing on the BBC website, if the cement industry were a country it would be “the third largest emitter (of CO2) in the world - behind China and the U.S. It contributes more CO2 than aviation fuel (2.5%) and is not far behind the global agriculture business (12%).”

Main contributors to greenhouse gasses (Source: EPA)

  • CO2 – 81%

  • Methane – 10%

  • Nitrous Oxide – 7%

  • Fluorinated Gasses – 3%

The reason for pointing this out as it relates to your home is the following: if your home has an aging or unsightly concrete pool deck, patio or walkways, there is a much better alternative to demoing and replacing the old concrete with new concrete. RenuKrete Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) restores and beautifies forlorn concrete surfaces with only a fraction of the carbon output of total concrete replacement. 

RenuKrete is friendlier to the environment, and to your property.

RenuKrete ECF’s proprietary processes and patented technologies make your existing concrete slabs look like new by repairing and restoring the concrete and applying artistic methodologies and colorization to transform it into natural-looking flagstone and slate installations. Unlike a total concrete rip out and demolition that requires jackhammers and heavy equipment to remove the broken-up concrete (meanwhile, destroying your landscaping and possibly compromising the walls of your pool in the process), RenuKrete works on a more detailed level. By removing the top surface of your decking to reveal fresh pores below the surface, RenuKrete restores the surface integrity before applying our custom natural stone designs.   

The end result is a totally new and fresh looking deck that looks like natural flagstone or slate, in color treatments that reflect the aesthetics of the stone. 

If your concrete is dirty, cracked or stained, renew it and add value to your home. 

Concrete is the world’s most commonly used building product and without it we’d be deprived of architectural wonders, roads and bridges, stable shelter and so much more. When you account for processing and manufacturing, as well as multiple levels of transportation, costs to market are significant. There is little we can do to turn back progress, nor would we want to when the world depends on concrete for millions of jobs and their contributions to economic stability. But in our own yard and micro-environment, we do have an opportunity to do our part by not contributing to the enormous CO2 output that is part of the multi-level manufacturing operation that goes from cement plant to final pour in our backyard.  

Choose concrete design over concrete demo.

Granted, climate change is a serious problem. However, perhaps all you really want to accomplish at this very moment is to do something about that concrete eyesore in your backyard. You owe it to yourself to investigate RenuKrete and to have our representative (owner) out for a discussion regarding how your concrete slabs can be given new life and beauty. You’ll not only do something wonderful for your yard, you’ll be reducing emissions to the atmosphere as well. And that’s a good thing. Give RenuKrete a call to make an appointment at 800-406-5010.  


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