Is a Drab Concrete Pool Deck Ruining Your View?

When you look out at your back yard, are you pleased with everything you see? If your home has second or third floor windows, how pristine does your yard look from up above? Do you see any spots in your lawn that need attention? Are there any tree limbs of concern? Is the patio and concrete deck surrounding your pool in spotless shape, or is it stained, cracked, or just plain boring?

RenuKrete pool deck in Classic Flagstone, Granite Slate

Regular maintenance and a little TLC can take care of most problems in the backyard. But when it comes to your pool deck, any signs of decay will only get worse if not addressed. Small cracks in concrete can grow larger when exposed to repeated cycles of winter freezing and thawing such as we have in the Northeast. And a worn deck will more easily collect sand, grass clippings, dirt, and silt in any crevices which will inevitably get tracked into your pool, making your filter work harder and less effectively.

When a concrete pool deck begins to break down, the walking surface can become less safe and more likely to cause injury. Stubbing a big toe on a raised concrete slab is enough to make the toughest hombre hop, skip, and reach for the closest towel to scream and bite into.

If regular maintenance and cleaning are no longer enough to whip your concrete pool deck back into shape, alternative measures might be required to restore your deck’s appearance and put you back in the swim.

Not all resurfacing technologies are created equal.

If you live in the mid-Atlantic states or farther north in New England, concrete pool deck resurfacing costs can fluctuate by five or more dollars per square foot. In states like New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania, or up north in Massachusetts and its bordering states, there are many things to consider when weighing the costs and appropriateness of the available concrete pool deck restoration processes.

RenuKrete pool deck, before and after

For one thing, the weather in the Northeast can determine not only how much your resurfacing will cost, but how long the resurfacing will last. Some resurfacing processes, such as concrete overlays, might only last for several years if the concrete underneath should shift or crack. While overlays can be an economical choice, if you’re looking for long-term durability it’s best to look at processes that are integrated with the existing concrete surface.

Here are a few other resurfacing options to you might hear about when you call vendors for cost estimates:

  • Demo and new construction

  • Concrete overlay stamping

  • Pavers

  • Engineered Concrete Flooring

Choose the right resurfacing technology for your concrete pool deck.