Is your concrete pool deck ready for your poolside “pod”? Restore it now with RenuKrete.

With vaccinations now available, and assuming proper precautions will continue to be followed in the coming months, one can only hope that we are about to turn the corner on the COVID-19 pandemic. It may be some time, however, before many residents in RenuKrete’s service area feel safe to travel far from their homes in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Shows an old concrete pool deck, renovated to look like flagstone, Granite Boulder by RenuKrete
RenuKrete Granite Boulder Pool Deck, Before and After

That is why, with Summer on the horizon, early Spring is a great time to get your dreary concrete pool deck into shape for poolside entertaining and enjoyment for your family and your pod of close friends. RenuKrete’s Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) can restore your pool deck to new life by giving it the appearance of natural flagstone, slate or tile. And unlike total concrete deck demolition and replacement, RenuKrete’s expert masonry technicians can revitalize your deck without damaging your landscaping or inflicting excessive carbon load on the environment due to costly demo and removal.

RenuKrete ECF outperforms stamped overlays and concrete deck paint.

If you have an older concrete pool deck that has stains, such as from tree sap and leaves, and/or cracks and damage from freeze and thaw cycles, you may be weighing whether to repair or replace the deck before pool season arrives. In addition to being unsightly, a damaged pool deck can be a safety hazard for children and adults playing and relaxing poolside.

Shows an old concrete pool deck, rejuvenated to look like Granite Slate RenuKrete flagstone
RenuKrete Granite Slate Pool Deck, Before and After

When total cost and the preservation of your backyard landscaping are key considerations, finding the smartest repair solution for your deck is the right way to go. Always keep in mind, however, while some restoration solutions might sound good, not all concrete deck repair and renewal products and processes are created equal. Indeed, only RenuKrete ECF uses patented, proprietary technology to transform concrete pool decks, walkways, and patios from plain, drab concrete slabs into stunning natural flagstone, slate and tile formations that look absolutely breathtaking.

Superior concrete engineering and design inoculates RenuKrete from competitor products.

Assuming you want a concrete pool deck that is going to endure structurally, is easy to maintain, and will look beautiful for years to come, only RenuKrete ECF covers all of the bases. By comparison, concrete overlays are known to tear and flake in as little as a few years, while filling cracks and then painting over an ugly deck is an even shorter-lived repair option. RenuKrete can transform your existing deck into a beautif