New England Real Estate Journal: "RenuKrete - Restoring concrete floors to new life"

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"Northborough, MA With warmer weather arriving in the not too distant future (one hopes!), many residential management firms and commercial property owners are planning for repairs that they may have put off “just one more year.” At multi-family residential properties across New England where outdoor concrete slabs have fallen into disrepair, the question might be whether it makes more sense do demo the existing slab or try to salvage it.

RenuKrete has developed a patented, proprietary technology that can turn old, stained and damaged concrete slabs into newly restored surfaces that capture the look of flagstones, slate or tile. RenuKrete’s Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) process combines old world sculpting craftsmanship with modern concrete technology to achieve impressive results.

Finding the best option for concrete deck restoration

Freeze and thaw cycles over many New England winters can take their toll on concrete surfaces of all kinds. Particularly those with direct exposure to the elements, such as pool decks, patios and walkways; but also inside where road salts that get tracked in can stain and cause spalling. For residential management firms with pools on their properties, and with concrete pool decks that have become eyesores and a liability concern, there are several options available when it comes to tackling a cracked and heaved deck that’s become a hazard.

Concrete stamping and overlays: One popular option that’s more suitable for applications down South than up North is stamped concrete overlays, sometimes referred to “cememtitious overlays.” These surface treatments, which are essentially thin layers of cement (an eighth of an inch to a quarter inch) sometimes reinforced with polymers, are troweled onto the existing concrete surface. While attractive and versatile, after just a few years in extreme New England weather they can begin to pop