Snow Cover Means Call Early to Book Concrete Pool Deck Restoration

Multiple heavy snows followed by consistently low temperatures can combine to push back outdoor project starting dates. If you planned for 2021 to be the year you restore your old, cracked and stained concrete pool deck, RenuKrete® recommends you get on the schedule early so you can have more pool time this summer with a pristine, restored pool deck.

Scheduling early is a good idea no matter what year it is. When pandemic restrictions took hold in 2020, many families had to forego vacation plans and instead make the most of staycations by lounging, playing and entertaining the family by the pool. Having your pool ready for aesthetic and safety reasons for this summer and others to follow is important for your family and your property value.

This concrete pool deck is about 20 years old with cracks, dirty and sunken slabs. Now it looks like a wonderful natural flagstone deck.
RenuKrete renovated pool deck in Classic Flagstone - Granite Slate

The best pool deck resurfacing technology outlasts other processes by a long shot.

If you have cracks in your concrete pool deck, walkways or patio, snow and ice can seep in and expand once frozen, making those cracks even worse. If the cracks become large enough and the slabs heave a bit and become unsafe, the chances of injuries from trips and falls grow exponentially; as does your liability. But what’s the best way to repair a concrete pool deck that’s in need of immediate repairs?

There are several options to choose from, none of which are ideal when compared to the patented and proprietary processes that RenuKrete® is known for. As an example, other concrete repair or replacement processes are either too flimsy or too destructive to your landscaping. Or they allow too much dirt to be tracked into your pool, such as pavers.

If you want to replace the deck and start from scratch with a new concrete pour, demolition of the existing concrete will mean several pieces of heavy equipment will have to gain access to your property in order to break up and remove the concrete. As you can imagine, this will cause significant damage to your landscaping and could also compromise the walls of your pool as backhoes dig out the broken up concrete.

RenuKrete Pool deck in Classic Flagstone - Granite Boulder

Furthermore, total concrete demolition and replacement is a process that creates a great deal of carbon output, so it’s not only bad for your backyard, but it’s bad for the environment. Another option to consider is concrete overlays. These can look great for the first couple of years, but they can behave like a cracked concrete surface that is decades older once