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The best basement floor covering isn’t a floor covering at all.

Basement floor coverings come in all forms, from carpeting and tiles to vinyl floor coverings and engineered wood, as well as rubber and laminate to name a few. However, all of these share one major flaw that can make the homeowner deeply regret their installation: They are all susceptible to water damage to the point where they have to be entirely ripped out in the event of a serious plumbing leak or basement flooding incident.

RenuKrete® is the basement floor covering that isn’t a floor covering at all. In fact, RenuKrete’s Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) is installed by using sculptural techniques to enhance your existing basement slab with the look and feel of natural, wide-plank hardwood flooring. There is no subfloor or flooring material that goes on top of it. Rather, it’s the bare concrete of your basement slab brought to new life and new beauty like never before possible.

A flooded basement floor isn’t the only problem RenuKrete® can solve.

When other basement floor coverings are installed, most, if not all, first require a subfloor to be installed in order to accept the floor covering and mitigate imperfections in the poured slab. Many basements do not share the same ample headroom that upstairs floors have, so by installing a subfloor the homeowner loses valuable vertical headspace in the basement. Add a ceiling with lighting and you could lose several inches or more of clearance.

Because RenuKrete® ECF doesn’t require a subfloor, precious inches are maintained and anyone of average height or better can walk freely without banging their noggins on door headers and other overhead hazards.

Hardwood-style concrete basement floor, Brazilian Walnut

Planning to finish an unfinished basement? Start from the floor up.

One of the most surprising things about RenuKrete®’s ECF is the flexibility it affords the homeowner who has big plans for their basement. Whether those plans call for additional walls to be added, or an entertainment room with theater seating to be installed, RenuKrete® ECF can be drilled to allow easy installation of bottom plates or other fastened items such as exercise equipment. Try to do that with ceramic tiles or other less forgiving flooring surfaces and you might open up a can of worms you can’t close very easily.

Nowadays, most people are greatly concerned about protecting the environment and want to be sure that the products they use are sustainable and Earth friendly. RenuKrete® flooring installations use significantly less energy when compared to pouring new concrete or the CO2 emissions that are discharged in manufacturing other basement flooring surfaces.

There are many advantages to renewing existing concrete surfaces rather than installing new materials that have already exerted a negative influence on the environment. RenuKrete® presents the homeowner with every advantage they desire including low maintenance, super durability, and long-lasting beauty.

RenuKrete® is available in five beautiful, natural wood grain styles, including: Rustic Red Oak, French Pine, Nordic Black Maple, Brazilian Walnut and Carolina Birchwood.

To speak with a RenuKrete® representative, call (800) 406-5010.


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