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The magic of a RenuKrete ECF Artwork installation is in its natural look.

No matter if RenuKrete restores your concrete pool deck, patio, walkway, or any other concrete flooring surface with an Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) installation, the artistic application of our proprietary processes and patented technologies enhances concrete surfaces to make them look like natural wet-set (also called mortar-set) flagstone, slate and tile installations. The quality of our craftsmanship is evident in the authentic, natural flagstone formations we create out of your existing slab, and the enhanced durability and life expectancy we bring to every concrete surface.

Natural Flagstones vs. RenuKrete Engineered Concrete Artwork. Can you tell the difference?

Indeed, RenuKrete Engineered Concrete Flooring is a form of art that not only beautifies your existing concrete slab and rescues it from continuing wear, in your backyard we help protect the integrity of your pool wall as well as your landscaping from the dangers and costs of slab demolition and replacement. If you’ve just moved into a home with an old concrete pool deck that you are considering ripping up and removing, talk to RenuKrete first. We can save you bundles of money compared to the costs of demolition and replacement. Customer satisfaction is always our number one aim.

Everything about a RenuKrete installation is authentic.

Natural flagstones and slate have their own shapes, colors and texture. At ground level, what might seem like a perfectly flat surface from a person eyeing the stones from above, are actually highly textured and variable forms.

Natural shape and color variations of flagstones on the left. RenuKrete ECF Classic Flagstone on the right.

Natural stones are cut and broken from larger rock formations and have an endless number of shapes and sizes. When assembled as part of a masonry installation, the "consistent inconsistency" of the stone shapes creates a beautiful whole that pleases the eye, that is practical and that is long-lasting. Similarly, the stone patterns of a RenuKrete ECF Artwork installation follow no visible shape or size pattern (with the exception of our Classic Tile installations which use rectangular shapes). The casual observer will find the perceived randomness of the RenuKrete stones sizes and shapes to be similar to those in wet-set masonry installation, thus playing a significant part in the creation of the authentic RenuKrete ECF Artwork look.

A mason shaping a natural flagstone
A mason shaping a natural flagstone

Crevices, natural variations, and inconsistencies enhance the authenticity of the natural product and are "naturally" expected when a mason installs a wet-set flagstone surface. Wet-setting (also called mortar setting) means that the flagstones are laid in a bed of wet mortar and thus form a more or less continuous (albeit not consistent) surface. The dried mortar surrounds and supports the stones neatly. Besides the high-end look, the advantages of such wet-set installations include an overall more stable installation (compared to dry-set), and low maintenance with only minor repairs needed over the years.

RenuKrete ECF Artwork installations resemble this wet-set style of masonry installations, including the look and feel of stones and mortar. Part of the authenticity of a RenuKrete ECF Artwork installation are the natural stone color and the mortar application. Similarly to wet-set masonry installations, as it ages, RenuKrete's mortar may show cracking in certain areas or it may separate from the stone next to it. As in wet-set masonry installations, these separation lines are normal and to be expected. In fact, separation lines between the natural stones and surrounding mortar, as well as between concrete slabs and surrounding mortar are necessary to allow for the thermal expansion of the materials. When working with concrete slabs, separation lines between slabs and mortar also allow for the independent movement of each slab that may be necessary due to settling, sinking or other commons outside factors that slightly change the position of each slab. Just as in a wet-set mortar installation, if desired, these areas can easily be re-pointed and touched up. In addition, as in wet-set masonry installations, the mortar itself has slight variations in color and texture. Both enhance the authentic look of a real masonry stone installation and thus add to the appeal and value.

Mortar variations in color and texture, as well as seperation lines between mortar and stones are normal in both, wet-set masonry installations and in RenuKrete ECF Artwork.

Similarly, the stone colors of a RenuKrete ECF Artwork installation will vary so that no stone looks like the other. Like in nature where each stone looks different from any other, the stones created by RenuKrete have a nearly endless number of variations, thus making the art installation so authentic.

Keep your RenuKrete ECF surfaces in top shape with a service call.

At RenuKrete we believe in maximizing the value and lifetime of your investment. That’s why we offer a RenuKrete Refresh Service, which provides you with thorough cleaning and, if needed, a renewal coat of our protective Guard Coat Pro 542. Spring or Fall are the best times to schedule a service a call. We can even remove and reinstall your pool’s safety cover quickly and properly. To book your Refresh Service call, go to


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