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Upgrading your concrete floor on a budget? Here is how...

When was the last time you had the budget available for what you wanted to do? When it comes to renovation in commercial buildings (office, medical, apartment towers, retail etc), the demands on visual appeal and durability are high. But usually, you need to make compromises: choose a cheaper material, choose the less attractive option, forego aspects of the renovation or postpone the project all together.

Now, at least when it comes to upgrading the concrete floor in your hallway, lobby or similar, you have another choice that is budget friendly: Engineered Concrete Flooring. Instead of covering your concrete floor with expensive materials, you can give your floor the look and feel of tile. It ends up looking marvelous.

Here is an office hallway from concrete... with the corresponding "before" photo. Hard to believe this is concrete, isn't it?

How to get started? Call one of our friendly Project Coordinators to discuss your project today!


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