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What do RenuKrete installations look like after 5 or more years?

Spring is the time of year when pool owners update their backyards, to get ready for the pool season. Like everything else in the outdoors, pool decks get dirty. Depending on the surroundings like vegetation, shade, pets, etc, some get dirtier than others.

While cleaning a RenuKrete installation can be done by anyone, many RenuKrete customers take advantage of our Refresh cleaning program which is performed by trained RenuKrete artisans. During a RenuKrete refresh, the deck is cleaned, Guard Coat reapplied, and any minor imperfections can be addressed.

We have collected a few images from our Refresh cleaning crews that cleaned more pool decks this year than ever before.

The RenuKrete installations in this gallery were performed between 2015 and 2018. Images and customer feedback from 2022.

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