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Your Safest Vacation Destination Could Be Your Backyard Pool

The first few weeks of the new year are when many families begin to plan for summer vacations. But with COVID still a menace and air travel always one viral outbreak away from thousands of flight cancellations, a home vacation has never looked more attractive. Especially if you are fortunate enough to own a pool. If a staycation is on your family radar, be sure to check out our favorite blog post Top 7 Tips for a Great Staycation

Is a staycation in your family plans for 2022?

If your concrete pool deck isn’t in top condition, however, it could pose a safety hazard to your family and your guests. Cracks, raised slabs, and chipped edges can cause injuries and stumbles, while a deck that’s dirty and stained from mildew and falling debris can be slippery and, at the very least, unsightly.

Some home improvement stores sell "concrete patching" or "concrete caulking" materials. However, who wants a gray lines of caulk laying on the deck like a snake? And, who wants a patching material that changes the texture and color or the patched area, and that will crack next winter? If concrete cracking is an issue for you, you might want to consider concrete pool deck renewal with RenuKrete Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF).

Concrete Pool Decks are Victims of Freeze/Thaw Cycles

It’s very apparent that the winter weather in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts (the RenuKrete service area) is much less reliable that it used to be. Where past winter seasons might have a thaw or two during the cold months, now there can be rapid changes as more warmer days are sprinkled among the sub-freezing. Any moisture from rain or snow can work into cracks and then as temperatures drop and rise, the wet ground below can expand and contract, undermining the viability of concrete structures such as your pool deck.

A RenuKrete pool deck before and after the transformation

The RenuKrete ECF process not only restores the structural integrity of your existing concrete pool deck, patio, and walkways, but it transforms drab concrete slabs into the look of natural slate and tile formations in a color palette of your choosing.

Not all concrete resurfacing processes are the same.

If your concrete pool deck is in less than stellar condition, you have several options to choose from to restore it to a safe and aesthetically pleasing structure. RenuKrete ECF uses patented processes and proprietary technology to create a dramatic transformation of your existing concrete deck—without the huge expense of demolition, removal and re-pouring.

And RenuKrete ECF is far more durable than concrete overlays which WILL chip and peel in just a few years, particularly in a climate where freeze/thaw cycles are more abundant. The same is true for pavers. When properly installed, pavers make a beautiful surface but are out of their league beside a pool. Frequent splashing water can wash away the sand below, and the dirt, weeds and moss growth which can accumulate in the spaces between the blocks ultimately gets tracked into your pool.

A RenuKrete pool deck in the Sandstone color theme, before and after the transformation

Discover the tremendous advantages of RenuKrete ECF when compared to other concrete deck restoration solutions and processes. For example:

RenuKrete is…

  • Not a deck overlay or paint. It won’t chip and peel away in a few years like these kinds of products.

  • Created from the existing concrete deck. There’s no demolition or replacement of old concrete, saving money and carbon output.

  • Far better than pavers for pool deck applications. It won’t shift or sink over time like pavers. The space in between pavers can also become a bed for moss and plant growth. RenuKrete leaves a much cleaner surface.

  • Authentic. RenuKrete maintains the natural texture of your deck and gives it the look and feel of natural stone.

RenuKrete ECF makes the most of your existing concrete pool deck.

RenuKrete first repairs, patches and restores the integrity of the existing concrete slabs, and then applies our artistic processes which transform the concrete from its common gray or sandy color into a renewed surface that captures the beauty of natural flagstone or slate tiles, in your choice of color schemes.

The result is a concrete pool deck that not only looks like it is brand new but has taken on the characteristics of a totally different surface; from the deck itself, to patios, walkways and anywhere else you have a concrete surface that has become cracked, stained, over worn and unsightly.

Whether you’re vacationing home or away, call RenuKrete to restore your pool deck.

Cutting through the clutter of pool deck renovation options is not easy. All you need to remember, however, is that none of the other options come close to competing with RenuKrete for durability, low maintenance, and sustainability – which makes RenuKrete the best choice above all. To learn more and to schedule a visit for an estimate, contact RenuKrete at 800-406-5010.


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