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Top 7 Tips for a Great Staycation in 2020

Everyone in the family looks forward to time off and traveling in the Spring or Summer. But sometimes life gets in the way, and staying home seems like the better choice. Here are our Top 7 Tips for a great Staycation in 2020.

Tip 1: Planning is Everything

As you get ready for your staycation, preparation is everything. Don’t wait until your first day off to create your wish list of what to do (or what not to do). Do create your own plan. Maybe not a specific day-by-day schedule, but at least a list that you discuss with your family before. It reduces the stress by a whole lot, and you may be surprised by all of the wonderful ideas you come up with!

Planning your staycation in advance means more time to relax when it starts.

Tip 2: Pick fun Recipes to Cook or Bake with your Family

When was the last time you spent quality time in your kitchen with your kids or spouse without the pressure of an upcoming event like Thanksgiving? This time around, nobody is there to judge or critique, and all the spoils are just for you. Best of all, you don’t even have to clean up the kitchen right away! There are lots of fun baking and cooking recipes to try.

Whether baking or cooking - here is your chance to try something new.

Tip 3: Plan Days with Family and Friends

Vacationing at home doesn’t have to mean you have to be alone. Check with your family and friends nearby, and plan a day of exploring and adventuring with them. That fun couple at your kids’ basketball games that you always wanted to hang out with? The in-laws that you could have a better relationship with if you spent more quality time with them? Here is your chance: Pick a day and an activity to do together, and you will see the wonderful memories you can create together.

Quality time with friends and family will create lasting memories.

Tip 4: Go on a Local Hike

Go on that local hike that you never had a chance to do. You don’t need hiking boots and a big backpack. Ever wondered what the next bigger town park is like that you pass by each on your commute to work? Maybe it has a casual outdoor restaurant next to it? Even short strolls in your town or at a local lake can bring you closer to nature, and they are usually not as packed with tourists. is a great website and app that can help find wonderful hikes.

Many local parks offer wonderful views and a chance to chill at local restaurants nearby.

Tip 5: Visit a local Lake

Beaches, fishing, water sports! All of them can be found at local lakes, too! Ever tried a handstand on a paddle board? When was the last time YOU were on the tube behind a speeding motor boat, instead of the kids? Now is your chance to try out, and you can still be back home in time to rest your sore muscles. There are many online resources to find local lake adventures online. For the serious boater or angler, is a great starting point.

Great paddle boarding, kayaking and motor boating can be found locally, wherever you live.

Tip 6: Look for Staycation Packages at Local Hotels

Many hotels offer short-term packages that allow you to use their pool and bar area; some even have night-time entertainment. Sure, you may have a pool at home, but who wouldn’t enjoy a night at a swim-up bar that doesn’t require you to clean up the towels afterwards. A fancy dinner at the hotel bar, or a relaxing massage will make you forget quickly about that six-hour plane ride to Europe you had originally planned this summer!

Many hotels offer short-term packages that allow you to use all of their facilities - day and night.
Many hotels offer short-term packages that allow you to use all of their facilities - day and night.

Tip 7: Have your Backyard in Tip Top Shape

This is a must-have: Get your backyard in tip-top shape before your staycation, so you can enjoy it without having to do any backyard work yourself. Enjoy the fresh flowers, new bushes and growing trees. Here are a few extra tips for a great backyard. Consider hiring your landscaper for a “do-over” prior to your stay at home, and then having them skip a week (you may not miss the sound of the mowers for one or two weeks). If you have a concrete pool deck, it's pretty easy and quick to have it redone by RenuKrete.

An up-to-date backyard is a must. RenuKrete can help with the pool deck.

There are endless opportunities to make a staycation one of your greatest memories. And don’t forget, you can always go on that cross-country trip next year!


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