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Flagstone-like Concrete Flooring

RenuKrete floors withstand accidenal basement flooding

Water Proof

RenuKrete® doesn’t warp, change shape, lift or incur damage even in wet conditions. Clean up is easy with a mop or wet vac. 

RenuKrete floors maximize th ceiling height in the basement

Maximum Ceiling Height

There is no subfloor with RenuKrete®. You’ll maintain your full vertical headspace in the basement.

RenuKrete floors can b drilled n the future.

Future Proof​

Your RenuKrete® basement floor can be drilled if you want to install walls, gym equipment, theater seating, etc.

A Flagstone-style look for your Concrete Floor.


Until now, your options for concrete floor coverings were limited to unfinished concrete, ceramic tile, rubber and laminate flooring, carpeting, linoleum, and even wood and engineered wood. But none of these are the ideal solution when you consider many slab conditions, including those in basements: high humidity, occasional water, dampness, rough-poured and uneven floor surfaces, low ceiling height, etc.:

Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) solutions by RenuKrete. ECF can give your concrete floor the look and feel of beautiful, natural Flagstones. Flagstone-style concrete floors are a great choice for any concrete slab inside your home, in the basement or elsewhere.

Now you can add appeal to the floor of your basement entertainment room, exercise room, kids play room, workshop or home office without losing head space or fearing the costs associated with a flooding incident!

Designer-quality RenuKrete® basement flooring. For worry-free living downstairs (and up). 

In the basement, ECF gives the appearance of Slate Flagstone using  flooring specialized equipment, patented technologies, and detailed craftsmanship, to create a surface in your existing concrete floor that authentically resembles natural flagstones.

ECF is an innovative flooring installation that can accommodate any interior design style your mind and heart can imagine! From Mid-Century Modern to Traditional, Minimalist to Contemporary and every style beyond. ECF can be applied indoors and outdoors, and it can be artistically adapted to the conditions of the existing concrete and the decorative vision of the owner. 


As with real flagstones that are cut from actual mountains, dimensions, colors and grain patterns vary.

Enjoy beauty from the floor up!

You’ll be amazed by RenuKrete’s likeness to real wood planks and you will appreciate its beauty and maintenance free qualities for years to come. 

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Available Grout Colors

RenuKrete's Slate Flagstone flooring can be combined with any of the following grout colors: Fonce, Marrone, Blonde and Blanc.

Grout Color Fonce for RenuKrete hardwood concrete basement floors

Grout Color


Grout Color Marrone for RenuKrete hardwood concrete basement floors

Grout Color


Grout Color Blonde for RenuKrete hardwood concrete basement floors

Grout Color


Grout Color Blanc for RenuKrete hardwood concrete basement floors

Grout Color


Order your ECF Color Sample today!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Samples are shipped with the chosen grout color. These samples are color samples only. Sample shipments are currently restricted to our core service area of New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY) and Pennsylvania (PA). Not to be used for scratch or abrasion resistance testing. Variations in colors, shades and pattern are possible and intended to enhance the authenticity of the final products' natural look. Samples ship within 1-2 weeks. Samples are not returnable or refundable.

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