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NY warehouse owner calls RenuKrete to polish concrete floor to attract new tenant.

When a warehouse tenant decided to close its doors rather than renew its lease, the warehouse owner needed to find a new tenant fast. The commercial market for industrial warehouse space in Nassau County NY was competitive and leaving well enough alone wasn’t going to be good enough to attract a new tenant. In particular, the concrete floor needed a major face-lift to turn the dingy and worn gray into a surface that would speak to newness and good maintenance.

Warehouse grind-and-seal for tenant fit-out

The warehouse owner turned to RenuKrete Commercial Services based on its experience and excellent results polishing floors throughout Long Island, New Jersey, Massachusetts and eastern Pennsylvania. The company frequently assists property owners and management companies in tenant fit-outs. While the concrete floor was structurally sound for the most part, the floor was in dire need of polishing to bring back a clean, newly poured look.

Employing a concrete polishing process that leads to excellent results.

As with any concrete polishing job RenuKrete undertakes, the company followed a tried-and-true multi-step process that renders excellent results every time. RenuKrete began by inspecting and checking the integrity of the warehouse flooring surface and noting where repairs needed to be made, which included filling cracks, abrasions, removing stains as well as correcting other blemishes that would have impacted the final product.

The beginning stages of the warehouse concrete floor polishing were dependent on the degree to which the surface had become worn. Once this was established and polishing began, coarse diamond segments were applied to smooth pitting and remove any remaining stains and blemishes. From the coarsest grits the polishing sequences continued until they became finer and finer with each pass and the smoothest surface was achieved.

Meanwhile, in between polishing passes RenuKrete applied an impregnating sealer to densify the concrete and enhance its protective properties. A densifier can harden concrete by 20%-40% and increase abrasion resistance, mitigate moisture and help keep down dust. Similarly, a stain guard was also be applied in the final step to add more resistance to future blemishes and spills.

Polished concrete warehouse floor in New York (NY)

Taking concrete polishing an extra step with concrete dying.

In the case of the warehouse owner, he wanted to do something a little more interesting with the color of the warehouse floor. When it comes to concrete coloring with dyes, no other concrete polisher has the experience or the know-how to make concrete floors more vibrant and more pleasing to work on that RenuKrete.

The company offers a proprietary mix of dyes and creative treatments that colorize and/or achieve remarkable natural-looking stone patterns. Once applied to the warehouse floor, the RenuKrete Commercial Services team expertly polished the concrete to perfection, revealing a polished concrete floor that looked brand new.

A shine that can last for up to 10 years.

Polished concrete is an extremely durable and versatile flooring choice that can withstand years of wear and tear from all sorts of traffic. With finishes ranging from satin to high gloss, there are many options as far as luster that a property owner can choose from.

In the case of the Nassau County warehouse, there were many windows around the structure along the upper walls. Depending on the time of day and the angle of the sun, the reflectivity of a high gloss floor could be a distraction to the workers. So RenuKrete advised the property owner to instead choose a satin finish to cut down on glare and reduce the strain on the eyes of the workers.

RenuKrete has applied the same degree of advisement, experience and technological know-how to owners in need of polished concrete floors for the following industries, as well:

  • Commercial real estate sales

  • Factory machine shops

  • Automobile dealerships

  • Hospitals

  • Warehouses

  • Institutional

  • Production facilities

  • Manufacturing companies & more.

Is your downtrodden concrete floor in need of a lift? Call RenuKrete Commercial Services.

RenuKrete Commercial Services specializes in expert concrete polishing and can restore your concrete floor to new attractiveness. To request a visit for a FREE estimate, give RenuKrete Commercial Services a call at 800-406-5010.


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