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Pool season 2021 is on! Are you in better shape than your concrete pool deck?

If you are feeling fit that’s great for you – but not so great for your concrete pool deck.

Let’s face it: Whether you live in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts or Pennsylvania, everyone wants to look their best in summer whether they’re at the beach or lounging beside the pool. All of that hard work we put in at the gym before summer to look our best can pay off big time in how we feel about ourselves, and in how others perceive us. Can you say the same about the condition of your concrete pool deck?

If last summer you found yourself considering whether it was time to get that deck back in order, surely this year it’s become even less attractive. The good news is: RenuKrete® can make your existing deck look like new again with our innovative proprietary processes and patented concrete renewal technology.

Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) gives your concrete deck the structural renewal and beauty it needs.

RenuKrete® ECF is unlike any other concrete deck renewal product or process available in the market. It is as durable as the original concrete surface you installed – that’s because structurally it is no different – but wholly transformed to look much richer and far more beautiful.

The art of RenuKrete® is in taking a worn, sap-stained and dirty concrete surface and repairing it and transforming it into a beautiful new surface that looks just like natural flagstone or slate tiles. You can also select from a palette of natural-looking stone colors to further complement the hues of your landscape or home.

And RenuKrete® ECF performs far better than concrete overlays which can crack and peel in just a few years, particularly in a four-season Northeast climate with numerous freeze/thaw cycles. A RenuKrete® surface is also preferable to concrete stamping, which can create textures and uneven surfaces in places that can make the surface more difficult for young children or the elderly to safely traverse. If you like to have your patio or deck furniture by the pool, these uneven surfaces can also result in wobbly chairs and tables which can be incredibly aggravating.

Considering starting all over again? RenuKrete® ECF is the best alternative to demolition

Even if your concrete pool deck is in such poor condition that you’re worried about letting people walk on it, RenuKrete® ECF can restore it to like-new condition.

RenuKrete® begins by repairing the cracks that have occurred as the slabs settled, and leveling or shoring up those sections that have sunk or shifted due to freeze-thaw cycles or water invasion.

Once RenuKrete® restores the integrity of the existing concrete surface and fills and repairs all cracks and settled areas, highly skilled technicians design the new surface to look like flagstone or slate out of the existing concrete, meaning there is no demolition required. The results are amazing and long-lasting. Even better, the savings compared to demolition and pouring of new concrete are significant.

RenuKrete® is…

  • Created from the existing concrete deck. There’s no demolition or replacement of old concrete, saving money and carbon output.

  • Not a deck overlay or paint. It won’t chip and peel away in a few years like these kinds of products.

  • Far better than pavers for pool deck applications. It won’t shift or sink over time like pavers. The space in between pavers can also become a bed for moss and weeds. RenuKrete® leaves a much cleaner surface.

  • Authentic. RenuKrete® maintains the natural texture of your deck and gives it the look and feel of natural stone.

Want to get your concrete pool deck ship-shape? Call RenuKrete®.

If your concrete pool deck is overdue for a facelift, any time of the year is a good time to contact RenuKrete® for an estimate so you can get on the docket. If your pool deck is cracked, dirty, and not in the best shape, why wait another year when you can begin making the most of your deck this season?

To learn more or to schedule a visit for an estimate, contact RenuKrete® at 800-406-5010.


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