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RenuKrete quoted in New Jersey Real Estate Journal - 2020 Market Forecast

The New Jersey Real Estate Journal has quoted RenuKrete in its 2020 Market Forecast with the following statement:

"Along with the occupancy and development boom, property owners continue to look for opportunities to save money without cutting corners. When it comes to flooring choices for concrete surfaces, aesthetics, low maintenance and durability are paramount. That's why more and more owners and management companies use RenuKrete® Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF). RenuKrete® ECF utilizes proprietary technology and processes to transform existing concrete surfaces into beautiful, durable and low maintenance floors that capture the warmth and design sensibilities of natural tile and slate. RenuKrete® ECF replaces the need for floor coverings in high traffic areas that are susceptible to frequent, costly repairs. Indoors and outdoors, RenuKrete® can restore the integrity of the existing surface and bring it to new life without the property owner bearing the high costs of concrete demolition and removal."

The online version of the print magazine can be found here:


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